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Inuit Art on the Auction Block: A Guide to Buying and Selling Indigenous Artwork Through Auction Houses



>Indigenous artwork is a vibrant and vital part of cultural heritage, with significant historical and cultural value. As such, it is no surprise that buying and selling such artwork can be a complex process that requires careful consideration and expertise. Auction houses offer a valuable resource for those interested in buying and selling this type of artwork, but it is crucial to understand the process to make informed decisions.

Consider Inuit art auctions a prime example, allowing people worldwide to look at and bid on priceless items dating back several years. You can bid on things you like until the very last minute, adding to your collection of valuable Inuit art. Amateurs can refer to this guide for buying and selling Inuit artwork through auction houses.

The Importance

This specific artwork is an essential cultural expression representing Inuit communities’ stories, beliefs, and histories. It is precious, both in terms of monetary worth and cultural significance. It is often created using traditional materials and techniques, including paintings, sculptures, carvings, textiles, etc.

It is vital to understand the cultural and historical context of the artwork before buying it. This includes understanding the artist, their cultural background, and the piece’s significance within their community.

About Inuit artwork

Inuit artwork is a unique and pivotal part of the work, representing the cultural heritage of the Inuit who live in the Arctic regions of Canada, Alaska, and Greenland. The artwork often depicts animals, such as polar bears and whales, besides human figures and stories from Inuit mythology.

It can also include sculptures, carvings, prints, and textiles and is highly valued for its artistic and cultural significance. When buying or selling these valuable items, working with legitimate auction houses with experience dealing with this specific type of artwork is crucial.

Finding an Auction House

Auction houses are a valuable resource for those interested in buying or selling artwork. These houses have the expertise and experience to appraise artwork accurately and market it to potential buyers. When choosing an auction house, looking for one with expertise in selling this art is critical.

It is also crucial to consider the reputation and credibility of the auction house before registering with them. A reputable entity will allow you to sign up for a newsletter that updates you on the latest items, auction dates, and other vital details.

Working with an Auction House

Once you have chosen a reliable auction house, you will work with a representative who will guide you through the process of Inuit art auctions and other artifacts you desire to buy or sell. The representative will typically provide an initial appraisal of the artwork and discuss potential sale options, such as private sales or auctions.

If you sell art, the auction house will typically take a commission on the sale price. This commission will vary depending on the intermediary but generally is between ten and twenty percent of the sale price. The auction house may also charge additional fees, such as photography or cataloging fees.

If you buy artwork, the professionals typically provide a catalog of available pieces, detailed descriptions, and appraisals. You will have the opportunity to preview the artifact before the auction and place bids during the auction. Ultimately, it is the safest way to acquire and sell priceless items without worrying about finding ardent art enthusiasts.

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