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Creative and Simple Birthday Gift Wrapping Ideas



Wrapping a present is as important as the present itself. The wrapping is an art. Unfortunately, it is not much appreciated. It is believed that the gift should be attractive and the packing does not matter. However, this is not true. Whether you have purchased an expensive gift item or you want to wrap a handmade item, you will always need wrapping to make it an interesting piece. online birthday gifts from Personally Picked can be given much consideration for buying a gift. And for wrapping the gift, you must come up with some unique ideas. Receiving a gift with beautiful packing and then looking into its captivating wrap is so much joyous. We have some ideas for you to wrap the gift if you want it to be valued and appreciated.

Use Fabric Wrap to Standout:

Perhaps, the recipient must have never received any gift in fabric wrap because it is not so common. Additionally, some people find it quite strange to pack the gift in fabric. Fabric with beautiful print on it can be the best wrap, especially if is represented in the right way. The best aspect of using a piece of cloth to wrap the gift is that it is environmentally friendly that does not cause any harm to the environment. There is no need to be worried about fabric wrapping. All you need to do is cut it in an appropriate size, wrap it around the gift and tie a knot on the top. This will also give a personal touch to the packing that will express your love and emotions.

Use Polka Dots Pack:

Print of polka dots is so cute and puts a long-lasting impression. Polka dots packs are easily available in the market. But, if you need a personalized one, you can create your polka dots designs. Designing the polka dots wrap takes very little effort giving the kind of packing that the recipient would love to it. if you think it is too basic, add a ribbon on the top.

Make Paper Animals:

Not every gift cover has to be floral or geometrical made with red or pink color to show endless love. Some gifts can be made to look cute especially when you are choosing someone very close to your heart. A gift cover that has a cute lion or bear’s face made with paper on it is always appreciated and loved. These covers are easily available in different shops. But, to let it look personalized, create your animal face and glue it with the cover of the present.

Use Paper Bag:

There are many innovative gift ideas also that will bring a smile to the face of the recipient. The gift paper that has been left behind after having the gift completely packed can be used to craft a paper bag. This bag can then hold the gift inside it. This will give your presentation a completely vintage look if you complete it with the adornment of ribbon.

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