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Changing to a Nursing Career With an ABSN: Top Reasons to Take the Plunge

The majority of people need to work so that they can earn money and have the lifestyle that they want. But working is often about a lot more than simply making an income and being stuck in a job that you don’t enjoy can be detrimental to your happiness and even your mental health.

Whether you are working in a career that you started in simply because it was available and you needed work, or are in a career that you chose and studied for but have since decided that it is no longer for you, there is no shame in wanting a change. Many people change their careers several times throughout the course of their life and there’s no limit on how many different fields you can work in. In addition, online study and distance learning degree programs have made it possible to study for qualifications that will equip you to work in a new field while still continuing to work in your current one, making it more accessible and possible for people who may have struggled to commit to both learnings and working in the past.

If you are feeling unfulfilled in your current career and want an option for work where you can make a difference to the world and use every day to help others, nursing could be a great choice for you. Here are some of the top reasons to consider changing your career to nursing, and how to achieve this goal with an accelerated BSN.

High Demand for Nurses:

The aging population in the US has led to a significant increase in the demand for nurses. Currently, the demand is being driven further by a nursing shortage, which is occurring for a range of different reasons. The aging population is also affecting nurses, with a large percentage of nurses now reaching retirement age and leaving the profession. In addition, there is currently a shortage of nurse educators with around one thousand open positions for this role currently. Due to this high demand, it’s an ideal time to become a nurse right now since there are more job opportunities, it’s easier to find work, and the pay is increasing.

Career Progression:

If you like the idea of a career where you always have something new to work towards, nursing could be an ideal choice for you. Nursing is one of few careers where there are endless opportunities to choose from. Whether you are looking to move into a certain specialty area in nursing or work in an advanced nursing career as a nurse manager or nurse practitioner, with this career choice you have a lot of options to take your work to where you want it to go and achieve almost anything.

Earning Potential:

For most people who feel called to a career in nursing, the option to make a difference and be a force for good in the lives of others is often more important than the money. However, while nursing might not be the right job for somebody who is only interested in getting rich, it’s nice to know that it’s a career path with good earning potential, especially for BSN-educated nurses. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s estimated that nurses earn an average of $80,000 annually. And, advancing your career can lead to even bigger earning potential, with advanced practice nurses such as nurse practitioners earning around $30k more than registered nurses yearly.

Further Education Options:

If you love learning new things, this is just another reason to seriously consider changing your career to nursing. As a nurse, there will be lots of options for you to further your education whether that involves enrolling in programs to train you for working in a specialty area of nursing, getting a master’s degree in nursing, or postgraduate training programs for advanced nurses who want to work as a nurse practitioner, nurse-midwife or in another specialist advanced role. And, when it comes to further education as a nurse, there are more options than ever before for learning online. Online degree programs for nurses are not limited to just a BSN; you can study for a nursing degree online at almost every level making it an ideal choice for busy, full-time nurses who need to juggle studying for their advanced degree with their current career.

Work in Different Environments:

While most people will picture a hospital when they imagine where nurses might work, there is more to this job than working in hospitals, with various healthcare environments to consider when it comes to where you do your job. Nurses are needed in pretty much every aspect of healthcare and can be found working in doctor’s offices, clinics, research facilities, colleges and nursing schools, prisons and correctional facilities, schools, within the community, and more. Whether you prefer the high-stress and busy environment of a hospital or would prefer your job to be calmer and more structured at a doctor’s office, there are plenty of different options to consider when deciding where you want to work as a nurse.

Highly Rewarding Work:

Finally, one of the main reasons why people decide to make a change from their current career into nursing is due to the high level of reward and satisfaction that comes along with doing so. When you are working as a nurse, you will be able to go home each day knowing that you have made a difference in somebody’s life. Nurses are people who are often there to support and help others when they are going through some of the most painful and often terrifying times of their lives. Seeing your patients recover and building up a relationship with them and their families as you care for them will be one of the most rewarding things that you’ll ever do. For many nurses, it’s this sense of personal satisfaction and reward that keeps them going in this career, even when the going gets tough.

Why Change Your Career to Nursing With an ABSN?

If you’re currently working in a different career and already have a degree in a non-nursing subject, an accelerated BSN program is likely going to be the best option for you to get qualified as a nurse with a BSN and start your new line of work as soon as possible. This ABSN program from Wilkes University is designed with career changers in mind and allows you to get your BSN faster by building on your current knowledge and skills.

How Does the ABSN Work?

The ABSN program is an accelerated nursing program designed for students who are already degree-educated, which makes it ideal for career changers who might not always want to go back to college for four years. It can be frustrating to change your career to a role that requires a degree if you have already spent time and money getting one in a different subject, so the ABSN addresses this by allowing you to cut the time down and focus on the nursing essential subjects while building on what you already know.

Typically, the ABSN will last around half the time compared to a traditional program, usually taking around two years to complete. Along with allowing you to qualify as a nurse faster, it is also an ideal choice if you want to get a nursing degree while avoiding taking out more student loans since overall tuition fees will be cheaper when you are only studying for two years rather than four. If you want to change your career to nursing, some of the main reasons to choose an ABSN to reach this goal include:

Save Time:

You have decided that you want to work as a nurse, and you know that this isn’t something that can happen overnight – but the sooner the better, right? An ABSN means that you can cut down the time it takes for you to get your BSN and become a registered nurse to just two years rather than four. That’s less time working in your current career while you prepare to become a nurse, and the ability to get started in your chosen line of work in half the time. While the program can be quite intense since it is condensing a lot of study into half the time, the fact that it gets you started with your career change much faster can definitely make it worth it if your plan is to get into nursing as soon as possible.

Save Money:

Another reason to consider an ABSN to change your career to nursing is that it’s a way to save money. If you have a degree already, maybe you are still repaying student loans or simply want to avoid getting into more student debt or financial commitments. Since tuition is charged by the year, and ABSN is often a more cost-effective choice for getting a BSN for those who already have a degree. By shaving two years off the time it’s going to take you to get qualified, you can save half the amount you’d pay towards a traditional program, which can be quite significant.

Study Online:

Many ABSN programs are now available online, making them an even more perfect choice for career changers. If you need to continue working in your current career while you study to become a nurse, an online ABSN program will be a much more flexible option compared to studying on campus, with lectures and classes that you can attend at your leisure rather than having to rearrange your life or give up working full-time to achieve your overall goal. In addition, studying online can also make the ABSN an even more cost-effective option since you’ll also save money on other costs like commuting.

Get a Respected and High-Demand Degree:

If you want to get into a career as a nurse as quickly as possible, you may have considered other options like the associate degree in nursing. However, while this may not always last as long as the traditional BSN, there are more disadvantages to consider today. Associate degrees may even be phased out in the future for nurses as more employers actively look to hire BSN-educated nurses and the benefits of nurses with a BSN becomes more apparent in healthcare. With a BSN, you will find it easier to find work after graduation with around 80% of employers actively looking for nurses with this qualification. This is due to studies that have found that when just 10% more of the nursing workforce is BSN-educated, the impact on patient mortality, infection rates, and readmission rates is profound. A BSN is often the minimum requirement for nurses that want to take an advanced degree in the future, making it a better option to consider if you have plans to climb the career ladder.

Choosing the Right ABSN Program for You:

There are several factors to consider if you have decided that an ABSN will be the best option for you when it comes to starting your nursing career. Consider whether you want to study for your ABSN online or at a traditional campus. There are more options than ever before now available to study online and many are offered by trusted and reputable nursing schools and universities. When looking for the right ABSN program, carefully consider the details. Look at the flexibility that the program provides if this is important to you.

If you’re studying online, you might prefer a program that allows you to access study materials at your leisure rather than have you attend set virtual lectures. Consider the work placements that are involved and make sure that you are going to be available. Since the ABSN is more straightforward, it’s often more hands-on and will require a lot of on-the-job experience under supervision at a hospital or other healthcare setting to prepare you for a career in nursing. If your current career has got you dreading going into work every day and you dream of work where you can make a difference and help others, it might be time to consider getting an ABSN and changing your career to nursing.

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