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Without Any Hard Drive Space? These Are the Best Cloud Storage Services

Entrust all the information of our devices in the disks or memories of the phones today can seem very risky and not only to the possibility of losing the device. But to be a victim of the attack of hackers or simply that the team it fails without the possibility of recovering the data. Fortunately, cloud services are increasingly common in the day to day of users and their highest security. These are the best alternatives available in the market:


It was the start-up that popularized cloud storage and continues to be an excellent alternative for users, especially due to the great integration it offers on multiple platforms. It offers up to 2GB of space for free. But where it really becomes a serious alternative to a hard drive is in the Plus version. Dropbox offers 1 TB of storage for 9.99 Euros per month. Regarding security, the information is encrypted (256 bit AES and SSL / TLS) and has verifying in two steps. Additionally, the system allows to remotely delete the computers in which we have installed the application.

Google Drive

Google has a starring role in what concerns storage and offers a very similar approach to Dropbox, with the most popular price plan of 1 TB for also 9.99 Euros per month. The main advantage of the Drive is that its free plan offers up to 15 GB. Which is already a viable solution for a large part of the users and the bad news is that this space is shared by all Google services including Gmail. As far as security is concerned, it offers a level very similar to that of Dropbox in terms of encryption and the essential verification in two steps (2FA).


Microsoft plays a fundamental role in this field, but offers a completely different approach. Its service is marketed together with the Office 365 suite (which allows the use of popular Word and Excel, among others). For a cheaper price than that of its rivals – from 69 Euros per year. The use of the suite is allowed on several computers and 1 TB of storage in the cloud is also offered. It is a fantastic solution, but it has an inconvenience for which it will be discarded by many users. The information is not stored encrypted in its servers (this necessary layer of security is reserved for companies). So before a hypothetical attack of hackers, our data would be easily accessible.


Users of the Apple ecosystem have an excellent proposal from the company and not only for the unparalleled integration in their equipment has (the unit in the cloud appeared as one more in the system). But also for their prices: Apple offers 2 you make a year for 9.99 Euros per month, twice as many as your rivals. With regard to security, the Cupertino Company also encrypts the data both on the device and in the cloud and offers the possibility of activating the 2FA.


The paranoid with the security of information and who want absolute guarantees in this regard, can always opt for a more unknown alternative. But offers extra guarantees to the rest of their rivals. This platform offers end-to-end encryption and a “do not know” policy, consisting of the fact that the company does not know the password nor can it access the stored information, given that it is encrypted and can only be accessed by the owner of the account. This exclusivity has a price and not cheap precisely: the 5 TB of storage is sold at $ 279 a year. Although, ‘yes’ allowing an unlimited number of devices, which can be raised in families.

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