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Do Long-Distance Relationships Last? 3 Tips to Make Long-Distance Relationships Work

Introduction: The world is not as complex as you think. There are two types of people – while one group believes in long-distance relationships and the lasting love it brings into the lives of couples, the other group has no trust or patience for handling relationships with people located so far away. Personally, either you are a supporter of ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’ or an ardent believer of ‘out of sight, out of mind.’

However, no matter which side you are on, nobody loves long-distance relationships. We are ambitious, and we would travel anywhere if it’s good for our career. Your career might take you miles away from your beloved, and you might be forced to be in a long-distance relationship you had never anticipated. In that case, coming up with a survival strategy for that time period is crucial. But, contrary to popular opinion, you don’t always need to choose between your personal life and career.

Do Long-Distance Relationships Last?

Sometimes, you can have the career you want and continue to have a stable relationship with your partners located miles away. Yes, not all long-distance relationships last, but that is true for every relationship, irrespective of distance. For example, you and your partner might live in the city and not make the relationship work.

The same might not happen for a couple living miles apart – they might make it work without any trouble even though they are not situated in the same location. So the workings of love are strange, and making love last is even more strange. In fact, love has nothing to do with making a relationship last. Sometimes you can be in deep, intense love, but despite that, you and your partner might fail to make your relationship last.

Moreover, the workings of every relationship are different, and no one knows how someone’s relationship is from the outside – only the people involved can make any statement about their comfort levels or boundaries. Thus, if you think a few suggestions can help you make the relationship strong, you are correct in thinking that, but those suggestions can’t help you fix what is unfixable. So, scroll down and find out how you can make that new long-distance relationship strong, and if you are not yet in one, you might as well prepare yourself now.

3 Tips To Make Long-Distance Relationships Work:

After much thought and several conversations with couples in long-distance relationships, we have compiled the top three tips to help you make that relationship stronger. So you can’t be with your partner the way you want to, but let that not stop you.

The Distance Should Be A Temporary

If you want an honest suggestion that can help you make the relationship strong, you need to understand that a long-distance bond cannot survive all that distance without anything to hope for – a hope to ensure that things will change one day. If you and your partner have no idea of how long this relationship will stay long-distance, then it’s time to have a conversation. How can anyone go on without knowing how long they have to stay apart from their partners.

There must be some plans set in motion for the future, especially if it’s a serious relationship. It is perfectly all right if it’s too early to have concrete plans about your future. However, no time is too early to at least have a conversation about the same. The crux of the matter is that a long-distance relationship cannot go on forever. At some point, the two people involved in the relationship have to come together and erase all the distance. Thus, without that hope, there is no way your relationship is going to survive. Thus, the distance needs to be temporary.

Something To Look Forward Too

Most couples in long-distance relationships often have plans for their near future. For example, long-distance couples plan joint vacations when they have holidays together. As a long-distance couple, if you don’t have future plans together, you don’t have anything to look forward to. Again, this makes it harder for people to make their relationship last. Check out when you have your annual leaves and ask your partner to do the same.

Now align your schedules, pick a week, and plan a romantic trip to a beautiful location. That way, you guys will have something you can look forward to. Even on the bad days, the planned trip will be the only flicker of hope you might cling to. If planning a trip seems impossible currently, you can always start your own relationship traditions. What about virtual dates every Friday night? Dress up and have dinner together, just separated by a screen and a few thousand miles.

Don’t Jump To Conclusions:

This is nothing but human psychology that makes you assume things about people who matter to you but are located far away from you. When you are not able to see your partner regularly, you might start making inaccurate or, worse exaggerated assumptions about your partner. This can impact your long-distance relationship in several unhealthy ways. While some partners tend to become increasingly insecure, possessive, and even jealous, others lose patience over minor issues.

Understand you have a life here, and your partner has a life far away from you. If both of you are not patient with each other and keep jumping to conclusions, how can you weather any storm? Thus, trust is your first battle, and if you lose it, you lose the remaining battles. Sounds scary, right? We know! Always work on being honest with each other. Once honesty becomes the central pillar of your relationship, trust and patience will automatically follow. It is crucial that no member in the relationship is making any impulsive decisions over some false assumptions.


Long-distance relationships are common but what we have noticed is that no person wants to be in one willingly. People do it because no one wants to compromise their career for love and vice-versa. Today more and more people are asking why can’t they love their job and partner at the same time. And we can’t disagree at all. After all, love is love, and you don’t have to give up on anything for love. Instead, follow the tips and make your long-distance relationship stronger than ever before.

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