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Sweater Top Outfit Ideas

It’s that time of year when you can break out your sweaters, scarves, hats, and other timeless outerwear. You’ve got your favorites stashed away in the back of your closet, but it’s also time to grab a few new pieces that you can mix and match to make really cute outfits for the season. If you’re stuck in the same old grind and mindset of how a sweater top can be worn, here are a few fresh sweater ideas to get creative with!

Oversized Sweater & Form-Fitting Bottoms

Who doesn’t love an oversized sweater? They’re versatile and make you feel like you’re wrapped in a warm and cozy blanket that you never want to take off. An oversized sweater lets you dress in layers so you can sport a super cute boutique top underneath in the event that you get a little toasty. As for bottoms to match with your oversized sweater, you can go with any type of skirt—short or long, tight or flowy. Or, stick with some snug-fitting jeans, leggings, or pants. You’ll want snug-fitting bottoms to show off your shape to contrast with the oversized look of the sweater. Match your outfit with some cute boots (like UGGs) and you’re ready to go!

Off The Shoulder

Open front sweaters and cardigans are a style of sweater top that can be casual, professional, or fancy. They can be completely open, buttoned, or zipped up. You can also style them several different ways with your outfit. Try buttoning or zipping yours up three-quarters of the way and letting your shoulders free for a sexy, off-the-shoulder look. Add a dainty necklace with a pendant to call a little extra attention to you.

Pair a Short Cardigan With a Dress

Dresses are an easy choice for an occasion where you want to fancy it up a little. But in colder weather, it’s not as easy to pull off this style and stay comfortably warm. Long-sleeve and sweater dresses are usually the go-to. But, with a short cardigan, you can easily accent any short-sleeve dress while still dressing appropriately for the season. This look is great for both regular and curvy sizes. Pair it with women’s plus size outerwear for a layered look that will keep you comfy inside and outside. Add a little shoulder strap handbag to complete your ensemble.

Wrap it Around Your Top

This year, a sweater looks totally chic when you wrap it around your shoulders and knot it in the front. You can do this over top of a boutique shirt, or you can even wear it more like a scarf on top of your coat or a blazer. Choose a color that contrasts what you’re wearing underneath to make it pop. It’s there if you want to layer up, or easily taken off when you enter a restaurant or store. You can style your sweater this way with lightweight to heavier sweaters.

Accessorize Your Turtleneck

A turtleneck sweater is a nice base layer when building an outfit for winter. Add a single pendant or a layered necklace. The lines of the turtleneck bring the attention upwards, so add in a pair of earrings to top it off. This look is easy to match with skirts and dress pants. When going with a skirt, add in some trendy knee-high boots, but when going with dress pants, wear cute short boots.

Go outside your comfort zone this season and get creative with your sweater top outfits. In fall, earth tones like terra cotta, sandy tans, and browns are always popular. For winter, you can go with neutral colors that will be easy to match with other items in your wardrobe or pick out a few colorful items to change it up a bit. There aren’t many wrong ways to wear a sweater!

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