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Alexa Chung Showed That Cowboy Boots Are Back

It can feel difficult to hit the nail on the head right now of year—coat or no coat? Tights or no tights? Could you escape with your new summer dress yet? In New York City this end of the week, Alexa Chung defeated the whimsical spring climate by wearing a summery Pepto-Bismol pink cotton dress with dark calfskin rancher boots and a custom fitted Saint Laurent dark midi coat.

A month ago, we presented to you the news that cattle rustler boots are returning in any case, as they highlight in House of Holland and ‘s A/W 17 accumulations. The way to wearing these boots now, be that as it may, is to select a smooth city form like Alexa’s that have the great cowhand outline yet are in dark calfskin as opposed to darker softened cowhide or expand Western weaving. With Alexa behind the pattern, this is another real hint that we’ll be wearing them at the end of the day come September—or possibly sooner.

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