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Everything You Want to Know about Nikita Karizma, a Rising Influencer in the Fashion World and a Philanthropist

Fashion designers must be visionaries who are capable of carrying out their concepts from concept to finished product, utilizing good technical skills in garment production, fabrics, and textile processes. However, not all fashion designers have the ability to run their own businesses. Some people just wish to work for a recognized company, while others desire to create their own company. Business, like any other field, can be complicated.

It requires a great deal of passion, creative skills, and a bunch of business skills to be a fashion entrepreneur. Nikita Karizma was fortunate enough to be born into a family that was in the fashion retail business for generations.

Nikita was born with a passion for current fashion. Thanks to her family’s fashion-buying business, she had the opportunity to experience fashion markets, suppliers, and factories from an early age. By the time she enrolled at the London College of Fashion, her aesthetics had matured. Lady Gaga approached her during her university years, and Nikita was given the opportunity to outfit Lady Gaga for the launch of her book “Channel Kindness.”

Taking pride in her magnificent work, Nikita has impacted a legion of the most influential popular culture stars. Apart from Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Jenna Dewan, Winnie Harlow, and others from both Hollywood and Bollywood have worn outfits designed by Nikita.

Nikita spent her early adolescent years assisting her mother, a fashion designer, in dressing up notable international personalities. She honed her ability to dress ladies in a way that made them feel beautiful and confident. Nikita also styled Miss America for an editorial and the Sugababes for a magazine cover when she was a teenager.

In order to pursue her passion, she founded her own designer label to showcase her love of creativity and innovation in the fashion industry. Her designer line seeks to make ladies feel completely unstoppable and on top of the world by enhancing their self-esteem and positive energy. Nikita’s designs are now well-known among a wide range of international celebrities and influencers, bringing value to their most memorable events and empowering them via her style.

The designer is also involved in environmental conservation in addition to her zero-waste project. She recently launched a mission to plant one million trees with the Love Peace Harmony Foundation. She employed an Instagram filter to promote her campaign to increase its effectiveness. Nikita and her crew have planted 200,000 trees so far and will continue to do so in order to reach their goal.

In addition, Nikita has a proclivity to give back to the community and serve humanitarian causes. She donates a fair share of her profits to international and local organizations which are striving to eradicate homeless, hunger, domestic violence, and other calamities from the world. During the recent outbreak of Covid-19, her studio donated 20,000 face masks to various philanthropic organizations to save the impoverished from being dragged into further misery.

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