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How to Write a Simple Business Plan for an Internet Cafe

What is a Business Plan?

Every business plan begins with an idea. It doesn’t matter if you write it on your hand, in your notebook, or on a piece of paper. The idea of a business does not have to belong. It should fit in a few words. If you had an idea to open an Internet cafe or a cyber club, then the next step is to create a business plan. A business plan is a plan of how your business will work, how the processes within the company are organized, and how you plan to achieve success.

The main points that you should think about: business strategy, marketing, and financial plans, the responsibilities of everyone in the team, a list of the company’s main milestones, sales forecast, understanding of the target audience. Let’s look at the steps of a simple business plan for your future internet cafe.

Industry Overview, Vision and Mission

Before opening the Internet cafe, there is still a lot of pre-work to do. You need to determine the clear purpose of your cafe. Will the main goal of the cafe be gaming, tournaments, and e-sports? Or do you want more to provide Internet access for work, halls for holding online conferences, copy center services? Further actions will depend on your chosen purpose: what location to choose, what services to provide, what advertising campaign to run, etc.

After you have decided on the purpose of an Internet cafe or a cyber club, you need to think about the work schedule and about all the processes that will take place every day. If you don’t know where to start or where to get data or ideas, begin analyzing similar businesses and those of your competitors.

Product and Services

Next, you need to write out all the services that your Internet cafe will provide. First of all, it should be a high-quality and high-speed Internet connection. Do not save money on the ISP, as the quality of the connection will be the most important thing to customers.

Also, your cafe should also have snacks and drinks, as customers usually spend a lot of time near computers. For you it will be an extra income.

Business Structure and Employees

One of the most important success factors is the team. Think without whom your cafe or club will not be able to work. List all work processes and identify those who will be responsible for its implementation.
The list of key employees for the Internet cafe:

  • Chief executive officer
  • Cafe Manager
  • Marketing and Sales Executive
  • Accountant
  • IT specialist
  • Bartender

If you plan to open a small cafe, then one person will be able to take on additional work.

Marketing Strategy and Advertising

After you find a place, set up processes, and ready to open your Internet cafe for the first visitors, you will need to run an advertisement. In fact, advertising should be done a couple of weeks before the opening. Before you start advertising, you should do a market analysis. Determine the target audience, build an interest to your cafe. Also, you need to figure out how to attract new customers.

Make the grand opening of your club or cafe. If you are going to open a cyber club, think about holding a tournament on one of the most popular games. Satisfied visitors will tell their friends and neighbors about the new place.

Of course, to hold a tournament or launch a big opening takes a lot of effort and money. You will need to serve many customers at one time. Also, you need to think in advance what processes you can optimize and speed up. An excellent solution would be to install software for managing a cyber club or Internet cafe. Thus, you can control the processes in your club and be able to collect detailed statistics about your customers.

Financial Projections and Sources of Income

The calculation of income and expenses is the most important point in your business plan. At the stage of generating the idea, you already need to determine the necessary expenses for renting a room, paying for electricity, the cost of computers and accessories, furniture, salaries for employees, advertising costs and the cost of events. Make an income forecast on a monthly and yearly basis, considering different loading conditions of your Internet cafe. Calculate how long it will take to get a net profit.

Define a plan that is feasible. Step by step, go to its implementation and follow all the points. Collect real data and display them in tables. In the future, they will help you in the analysis and in making decisions.


There is no universal business plan that would suit any Internet cafe or cyber club. A business plan is always unique. Everything can change from one smallest detail. Whether it’s the location of your cafe, or the drinks that your cafe will provide, or specific laws in your country, or the situation in the world.

For a successful business plan, start transferring ideas to paper. Try to calculate every small detail. Think about how your cafe will be better than the competitors’ ones. As well as how to present high-quality services and comfort to a client.

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