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Lamborghini Urus Will Pull 650 HP Out Of Hybrid Model

Lamborghini has not hidden its plan to assemble a game utility vehicle, however the automaker hasn’t presented much data about it.

The anticipated Lamborghini Urus will tote a twin turbo V8 motor, and it ought to put out 650 pulls, said  Stefano Domenicali, Lamborghini’s CEO in a meeting. It ought to be disclosed before the year’s over, and it ought to convey a beginning cost just underneath $200,000.

Given the claimed timing of the Urus uncovering, there are a couple places it could happen. Lamborghini could make that big appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, or it could hold up two more months and drop the cover at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Or, then again it could simply do its own particular thing and host a different occasion.

Maybe the most intriguing goody to originate from the meeting is the idea of a module mixture Urus. Domenicali revealed to Automotive News that a PHEV Urus would touch base available one year after the standard auto, which pegs its introduction in 2019. It would be Lamborghini’s first creation half and half, after a course set out by the Asterion idea from 2014.

It’s indistinct if the Urus will be based all alone stage, or in the event that it will obtain from the more prominent Volkswagen Group stable. Given the Urus idea’s visual similitude to Audi’s Q8 idea, in any event in the back, there’s a decent shot the two may share a decent arrangement of parts. I question Lamborghini will give Audi a chance to utilize that 650-HP V8, however.

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