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Car Maintenance Tasks That You Can Do On Your Own

Maintaining your car frequently is just as important as taking care of your health. Delaying cars routinely check-ups could have adverse effects on your car’s overall performance. You don’t need to wait until you witness something that is not normal when it comes to your car functioning.

Just often twisting and tweaking some parts of your car could save you from paying a visit to your local maintenance guy that could sometimes be quite expensive. By regularly maintaining your vehicle, not only do you have lesser costs to incur since you are doing it yourself, but you also are prolonging the life and resale of your car value.

Visiting a car workshop could leave you lazy sometimes, but if you’re aware as to how you could make some of the adjustments at home, there’s no going back. We have brought to you some easy car maintenance tasks that you can cater to by yourself at home. And no, you do not have to be mechanically inclined to the automobile industry or an auto expert, all you need to do is follow some simple guidelines, and you are good to go.

Have a Regular Inspection

You need to carry out a routine inspection of your car parts to be cautious and aware of any potential damages that could lead to car dysfunction. All you need is the owner’s manual, as it includes everything. Regularly assessing components of your car would also leave you more skillful. Spotting any dangers in your car beforehand would be vital for you, especially if you’re new to driving as it could save you from accidents that could shackle your confidence.

Moreover, taking driving lessons from ezlicence would not only make you a better driver, but you can also put forth your queries about car maintenance. They would most likely advise you with tips that work best in their experience.

Clean Windshield and Headlights

Ensuring that your windshield remains squeaky clean is essential. Not only does it make your car look a whole lot more presentable, but it also gives you clear visibility when you hit the road. After a long drive, using your car’s wipers to get rid of pigeon poop, residue from the carcasses of insects and other forms of dirt could only cause a smeared mess on your windscreen, which could harm your visual clarity even further. Such a hindrance could even lead to car accidents. Cleaning up your headlights is just as essential, too, so make sure they look good as new just as your windscreen does.

Battery Maintenance

A car’s reliability and smooth drive are ensured when you have a decent battery connection. If you ever have to go through times when your ignition just doesn’t seem to work, and you take a look at your battery. You find out that it only has a few places that contain a bit of residue, even that alone is enough to prevent your car from starting. Properly disconnect your batteries by removing the negative terminals before the positive, and while reconnecting, place the positive terminals before the negative. It is further better to read the owner’s manual as a slight mistake could lead to a short circuit.

You could also use a screwdriver to pry your terminals loose if they are stuck. Use a store-bought product from the automobile store to clean your posts, or you can create your own battery post cleaning using this DIY. Rinse off the cleaning solution with water; dry the posts, and place the terminals back correctly. Following these easy steps could prolong the battery life of your car.

Tire Pressure

The more miles you drive, the more your vehicle’s tire pressure fluctuates. To find an accurate reading for tire pressure, always check your tires when they are cold as in when you haven’t driven your car for at least four hours. Periodically add air when needed, and it is recommended that you check your tires on every stop at the gas station so you could spot any deficiencies before they affect your car’s performance and result in bigger problems for you in the future. You could also use a tire pressure gauge or read the tire pressure sticker that is most likely stuck to your car for an effective reading on analyzing tire pressure levels.

Change Your Motor Oil

Your engine needs to have the necessary lubrication to keep all its parts moving. Motor oil is a vital component in your car’s performance and reliability. Not paying enough heed to your oil change could result in the engine’s parts overworking itself and grinding itself into dysfunction.

Regularly changing your motor oil could save your car from having serious functional issues. You could use your car owner’s manual to assess changing the oil yourself. You must also wait five minutes after the engine is turned off for the oil to drain back into the pan. Though it might seem complicated, it takes less than three minutes to carry out an oil change for your car.


Try some of these simple maintenance tasks that you can perform by yourself at home, as this will ensure the prolonged life of your car. It is a basic business; the better your car is looking, the more likely is it for you to attain a higher resale price. You should practice all these tips mentioned above, especially if your vehicle has been standing still for quite a while now.

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