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Top Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Travel

Traveling is a Lifestyle

For centuries now, people have traveled the world to discover new places, to trade, or to immigrate. Travel has been something that has been etched into our DNA for eons. Traveling centuries ago was mostly done by curious minds who wanted to explore the unknown despite the risks it poses.

The World’s Most Iconic Traveler

It is unsurprising to us that Ibn Battuta was the most revolutionary traveler to exist on this planet. He began traveling at the age of 20 traveling across many Islamic countries and also Africa, Asia, and Northeast Europe.

His thirst for knowledge also took him to places like Persia and Afghanistan. He even managed to cross the Himalayas to reach India in 1334 during Muhammad Bin Tughlaq’s reign and was a judge practicing for eight years. He traveled a total of 120000 Kilometers in 29 years! His journey was published in the Rihlah, which, to this day, is considered an important document about the cultural and social world of Islamic Countries.

With that being said, let’s look at some very good reasons to travel;

1. Perspective

Many people have taught you the way certain countries are and function when in reality, their culture and mannerisms are completely different. It doesn’t hurt to just go off to a country for a while and learn their ways. Most of the time, they might end up teaching you a thing or two that you can practice too.

2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

We have all heard of that saying, but what if you could physically implement that in your life. It is sometimes profound to just travel aimlessly to the middle of nowhere and experience the hardships you face, and these experiences are sure to make you sharper and more apt for real changes around your home or workplace.

3. Appreciation

Sometimes, you may find yourself sulking in contempt for the things you either missed out on or when things just aren’t going your way. Then you travel to a country that is clearly less fortunate than you will ever be, and that can totally change your entire perception of the good fortunes you have been given by god.

4. Cool off

Work can sometimes take a huge toll on your mental health; you might also find yourself fatigued as a result. Traveling somewhere for a while can not only refuel you, but it can give you a whole new perspective on your work and how sometimes delegating your work to someone else can be beneficial to you and the work you do in the long run. It is never a bad thing to get a fresh new look at how the world functions and apply that to your practical life.

5. Settling grievances

Many have the habit of holding onto grudges and hurt feelings, but the best way to forgive and forget is to take some time away from the environment that caused these ill feelings and go to a fresh place to work things out. You will realize the more you do that, the better you are able to handle such emotions in the future when presented with them, even in the most daunting manner.

6. Burst that bubble

More times than not, people find themselves in their little comfort zone, and anything even slightly changed can cause a negative reaction. When this happens, you tend to be very rigid with changes around you, which can lead to catastrophic effects in the future. To help accept such things, getting yourself dirty is a necessity, and traveling is the perfect solution.

7. Just look at the beauty around you

Mother Nature was made for you; the sooner you realize that the better your life will get. Sometimes, it just takes a little push to get outside and visit a place that is the definition of “mother nature” to realize the things you’re very desperately missing. One look can change everything for you, so do not let the opportunity slide.

8. Culture vulture

Cultures are often more complex than what you are taught, and the only logical way to learn anything long-term is to be a part of it, to experience it. If you just want a change, visit any country with a rich history, and you will learn more than you ever have in your textbooks. The world is bigger than your hometown, and the more you explore, the more you will learn and enjoy.

9. Strengthen relationships

There’s just something about sharing experiences with people that always works out best for your relationship. These experiences become permanent memories through the good and bad things that happen while in the moment. These experiences are sure to improve your relationship further.

10. Take a break from technology

Sometimes, it’s just best to leave your screens behind and embrace what God has created; that’s how our ancestors used to stay away from boredom. These screens are like escape rooms; all you need to do is find the best way to escape. The more you are away from them, the better your life will assume to get. All it takes is that one leap of faith, and the world seems a lot better.


And that was that, throughout the years, men have desired to travel; some have even quit their stagnant lives to experience the beauty of the world. There are many who don’t even have the opportunity to travel. If you are someone who can explore the world, do not hesitate, you are lucky. Roam the world and gather knowledge and experiences that are then passed down through generations.

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