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11 Different Types of Holiday Accommodation to Consider

It’s important to realize that there is a wide range of different types of accommodation available to travelers. Many of the options are delightfully different and are often more affordable than hotels and resorts. Here are some interesting alternative accommodation options you should consider for your next vacation:

1. Bed & Breakfasts

This old tried and trusted standby for more affordable holiday accommodation is still very popular. It has expanded in range and diversity to include many types of accommodation that include a bed and breakfast being provided. Commonly referred to as B&Bs, these usually include bedroom and bathroom facilities in a normal home, with breakfast provided in the morning. Visitors generally like the home-like atmosphere and pleasant interaction with the owners.

2. Airbnbs

Reputedly, the concept of Airbnbs was created when the founders of the platform set up and let out an air mattress in their home to earn a bit of extra money! Nowadays a wide range of accommodations are on offer at reasonable rates on this basis. This includes rooms, shared rooms, hotel rooms, apartments, cottages, penthouses the list goes on! People use this affordable and flexible option for work trips, weekends away, conferences, and even family vacations.

3. Guest Houses

Guest houses work along the same lines as B&Bs, but usually don’t include meals. Visitors are provided with private bedroom and bathroom facilities and are often able to use other amenities as well, like the kitchen, garden, and pool. The owner of the property generally lives on the same property. Visitors generally enjoy the personal atmosphere and interaction with the owners and other guests.

4. Hospitality Exchanges & Homestays

Many variants of this interesting type of holiday accommodation are available, but generally, it amounts to visitors staying free of cost, or for a very low rental, in people’s homes. This can be as a sort of cultural exchange, or in exchange for helping with some work. Often those people will travel and stay in their guests’ homes on the same basis, which is referred to as home swapping. It can be a great way to travel affordably and learn first-hand about a different culture.

5. Camping

This is another tried-and-trusted affordable DIY holiday accommodation option, particularly amongst young people. However, many older people also love it as a way of affordably accessing exotic locations and different cultures. Camper van rentals generally carry their own tent, bedding, and any other equipment in a trusty old backpack! Many variations on basic camping exist, however, with many campsites providing all sorts of amenities, services, and facilities.

6. Exotic Hotels

Though this isn’t a cheap option, some of these accommodation options are extraordinary! Exotic hotels are, as the name suggests, located in unique, unusual, and often remote locations. These include underwater, treetops, caves, cliffs, private islands, bamboo forests, and jungles! Though some of these options are eye-wateringly expensive, they do offer unique, one-of-a-kind experiences.

7. Luxury Safari Lodges

These really offer luxury accommodation at its best, and obviously, guests pay accordingly. But it’s well worth it with sumptuous amenities, outstanding service and cuisine, and activities like expertly guided day and night game drives, bush walks, bush dinners, sunset cocktails, spa treatments, and much more. Nowhere will you feel more pampered and closer to nature than in the superb safari lodges in the Kruger National Park?

8. Boats

Want to stay on a boat during your holiday? This is entirely possible! The boats on offer vary from yachts to houseboats to narrowboats on canals. You can choose an option where you can also travel on the boat, or choose to stay on a vessel that is permanently moored in one place.

9. Glamping

Glamping, or ‘glamorous camping, is a concept that has really taken off as a holiday accommodation option over recent times. In essence, glamping is camping with a great big dollop of luxury and comfort thrown in! So glamping teams up nature with modern convenience, comfort, and even luxury. It is a great way to experience some of the most beautiful locations in the world, and the accommodation options are varied and fascinating. Glamping options include renovated barns and farmhouses, trailers, cabins, eco-pods, -domes and -cubes, wagons, shepherd huts, cottages, lodges, luxury tents and teepees, and even enchanting tree houses!

10. Yurts

Yurts have been used by Central Asian nomads as portable accommodations for centuries. This ingenious design has become very popular as a unique and very appealing form of holiday accommodation these days. The round tent-like structure seems to perfectly merge the concepts of tents, houses, and huts. Modern holiday yurts are generally sturdy permanent structures built on wooden platforms. have all the mod-cons you could desire, but are reasonably priced and have a modest carbon footprint.

11. Restored Crofts & Farm Cottages, in Scotland

These often age-old buildings, once restored to immaculate standards, make fantastic holiday accommodations. They are generally stone-built and thatched, and sit in the landscape as if they’ve been there for hundreds of years – which in many instances is true! As they are often located on islands, these remote buildings often command the most stunning sea views. Considering different holiday accommodations can add a very interesting dimension to your next holiday, and make it more memorable. Why not consider some of the options we’ve highlighted?

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