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Why Are YouTube Videos The Hottest Growth In 2023?

YouTube is regarded as one of the most highly viewed platforms across the globe. This makes it a very favorable choice among marketers and advertisers. The platform was launched in 2005, and since then, there has been no looking back on the increase in the number of viewers, subscribers, and creators.

YouTube also got a push from the advent of cheap and affordable internet rates worldwide. With an average watch time of 23.7 hours each month, the world over makes it profitable and highly marketable. Let us shed some light on why we can expect YouTube videos to have the hottest growth in 2023;

The Apprehended Reasons for the Growth of YouTube Videos:

Here are handpicked and a few highly anticipated and apprehended reasons why we can expect YouTube videos to have a higher growth rate. This will provide insights for advertisers to analyze and utilize the platform to its full potential.

1. Wider Reach and Exposure:

The undue advantage that YouTube has over other social media platforms is that its reach and audience exposure are very wide compared to others. A wider reach helps to reach out and explore some new and interesting aspects of the masses over the internet spectrum. YT videos reach out, interact with new viewers, and boost their engagement quotient.

2. The Platform is User-Friendly:

Another very important aspect to keep in mind while considering the increasing growth of YouTube videos is that the platform is very easy to use. The creator does not require a very heavy budget for video creation. The work can be delegated and executed with minimum types of equipment and low budgets. The interface of YT is also not very technical and difficult to use, which adds up to its popularity and growth.

3. Sharing Videos Across other Platforms is Easy:

One key factor responsible for the high-reaping growth is the ease with which the user can send and share YouTube videos across any social media platform. The process of sharing does not require many steps; the user can do it conveniently with just a few clicks. This can be done either by opting for the copy link option provided by YouTube and also be done by directly copying the link and pasting it onto the other platform.

Your website can be treated as another platform where you can promote your YouTube channel. You can opt to embed Youtube channel videos on website, to introduce your YouTube presence and videos to your website visitors. It might help in gathering more views and assist in reaching your desired YouTube goals.

4. Introduction of YouTube Shorts:

With the boom of short video platforms, YouTube has recently launched its own short video feature, which comes in-built into the platform already. Noticing and analyzing the current trends in marketing dynamics and audience viewing patterns, it is quite evident that the attention span of the masses has reduced, and content creators must also cater to the changing trends and cope with them. YouTube Shorts allows the creators to post videos in portrait format, and the time span is up to 60 seconds. The algorithm also pushes these Shorts, which widens its reach and enhances the chances of growth.

5. Enhanced and Efficient Consumer Engagement:

YouTube has a huge subscriber base and plenty of creators creating intriguing content every minute. These subscribers are audiences who react to and review the content being put up on the platform. The platform bridges the gap between the audiences and the creators by providing comments, dislikes, and like buttons, and community features. These features enhance consumer engagement. And higher the consumer engagement and interaction, the higher will be the word of mouth and growth of the platform and the content.

6. Higher Demographic Appeal:

With a huge subscriber base, YouTube has also helped creators to analyze and find their niche audience and specifically cater to that demographic. The content is consumed by over a billion people worldwide, and the users are of different age groups and mostly include the millennials and GenZ audiences.

7. The Shelf Life is Longer:

Unlike other platforms where the content published goes irrelevant and outdated with each upcoming trend and new push from the algorithm, the YouTube algorithm tends to provide a longer shelf life. The videos from the creator’s timeline keep popping up in the subscribers’ feeds lately. The content stays till the time the owner themselves doesn’t delete it. The videos stay relevant and on the platform for the longest time.


YouTube is a popular and most-viewed platform. This platform is preferred by the majority of marketers, and the anticipated reasons for its growth are mentioned above for the readers to view it as an established and efficient platform for endorsing.

Author Bio:

Emilio Scott is a digital marketer and technical writer at The Social Feeds. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation in various industries, technology, and social media trends.

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