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Why Is SEO Important?



Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important behind-the-scenes marketing fields in the modern commercial world. SEO is a field dedicated to the improvement of businesses’ search engine rankings. Search Engine Optimization professionals improve the standing of their clients by utilizing an ever-evolving series of practices designed to ingratiate websites to the complex algorithms used by companies like Google to order search results.

SEO was born in near simultaneity with the internet itself. The early internet used directory-based search engines for navigation. Directories were essentially lists of websites. They would match keywords typed by users with website names and content. Webmasters would alter their sites to make them more visible, but the process was crude. The real beginning of SEO evolution began in 1997 – one year before Google was launched. Legend has it that the manager of the band Jefferson Starship, angry that his charges’ website did not rank highly on early search engines, set about to tailor their website so that it would appear at the top of any search for related topics. Since then SEO has become increasingly nuanced and complex. Why, then, is it so important to website owners all around the globe? This article will give you a brief overview.

Search Engines Are Popular

‘Popular’ might be the understatement of the century in this case. Take Google – the most popular of all of the search engines – as an example. There are around 3.5 billion Google searches carried out every single day. Take a look at this live counter to get a more digestible feeling for just how well used the service is. The sheer quantity of internet traffic that passes through search engines means that ranking high with them is absolutely essential if a business wants to be successful online. This guide to SEO will help you understand exactly what areas you need to address in order to improve your ranking.

Ranking And Authority Are Linked

A huge percentage of search engine users click on the first result that comes up. This is because there is a degree of trust. Users trust that the first result will be the most relevant. SEO is important because it can help a business gain this level of trust and authority with consumers. Ranking matters.

Search Engines Are Not Perfect

Search engines might be becoming more and more complex, but that does not mean that they are incapable of making mistakes. Your business might genuinely be the most relevant result for a consumer’s search, but that does not necessarily mean that it will rank highly. Search Engine Optimization, when conducted correctly, positions your site where it should be by playing the search engine algorithms at their own game.

Visitors Equal Growth

Your position in a market is inexorably linked to your performance on search engines. The more visitors you receive from search queries, the more visible your profile and marketing materials will be. This cycle is self-perpetuating and exponential.