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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat – Which Platform Is Better for Business Marketing?

Around 2010, with the data vicissitude, social networking platforms took the entire world by a storm as they became new sources of deriving information and entertainment for the young generation. It took over the television, paging machines, faxes, radios, hoardings on a large scale. Social Media experts Sydney describes the usage and creation of web traffic and propagating awareness for a particular web address as SMO or Social Media Optimization. If you copy the text ‘Social media optimization’ and paste it into the URL of your search engine. The search results will open a number of pages each one explaining and defining it as the combined platforms which make use of a number of outlets and communicate to generate public interest about a product, service brand or event.

The present has the multitude glued to various kinds of social media platforms and social networking sites which particularly include Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Flicker, Google plus, etc. The aspect of increasing and improving your company/organization’s profile through social media optimization enables four fundamental things:

Business Marketing Techniques

1. Discovering, creating and innovating new ideas, policies tend to run the operations of the business.
2. Connect, reach out and popularize with and among the mass at large respectively and also create a new audience through the promotion of the business.
3. Build web traffic, content [The propagating ways to improve operations rapidly on a large scale].
4. Craft, innovate, enhance and mold business.

Which are the social media platforms you should use to propagate your business and why?

The constantly evolving landscape of social media marketing has changed the entire business industry and the world. If used effectively in the right way it can take your business up, testifies to its success:


With more than 1.5 billion active users, Facebook tops the list. Most widely used as the platform for all starting business operations as the wide user base and demography of users can elevate any business if the platform is used effectively. Facebook’s advertising platform is far most developed than all other social platforms. The target audience here uses the platform daily, making it the king of online advertising.


Just after Facebook, Instagram takes second place as the most used social media platform to benefit business operations. Active users over 500 million daily, this platform has the same benefits as Facebook but mostly without direct pay. This makes Instagram an excellent option for both businesses with and without an advertising budget. Do you want to know how to download all Instagram photos from any user?


Monthly active users of 330 million, Twitter is one of the oldest social networking platforms that enable you to post pictures and videos along with limited characters. Twitter uses potential hashtags similar to Instagram, so when a customer searches for a particular hashtag, they find your brand. You can interact with prospective customers and target the new audience.


If your target audience is comprised of younger demographic, then Snapchat may be the best effective social media platforms for your business. Snapchat offers you to directly share ‘Story’ of your brand which is visible only for 24 hours to the prospective customers. It also provides advertising options where you have to pay to have a linkable snapshot in the discovery section of Snapchat.

Facebook is currently the most popularly known social media platform, and it can be truly effective for business marketing if posts are added daily. Which enhance the company’s exposure by sharing essential updates, On the other hand, Instagram, the popular photo-sharing platform states that per-follower engagement rate of top brands is generally 4.21%. This proves that Instagram delivers 58 times more engaged followers than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter. Twitter, helps promoting the brand with just a small tweet and the best aspect is that this social media platform is free for promoting or building the business.

However, the demerits overpower them in this platform as there is a limited amount of characterization, slow growing and hassled regarding terms and conditions. Another is the fun messaging app, Snapchat is effective in global marketing strategies also will be more effective in providing a business if that targets the audience aged 18 to 30. Challenges overpower these networking platforms as well. The platform’s sharing of photos and videos are unprofessional, and it may also be inappropriate to the mass in various aspects.

Marketing in the Business World

Digital agency in Australia believes that there is no denying the popularity of social media services and for your business to flourish, your content needs to be unique, insightful and engaging as customers will not search for what is new daily however they will go through their social media platforms daily, it is upon you how well you can put all tools to work and conduct your business over the web.

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Aella Johns is a SEO Professional in Ranking By SEO a company which provide excellent SEO Services. She has written on many topics related to SEO, link building and in social media marketing, Website designing and development and many more.

Which Social Platform Is Better for Business Marketing?

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Business Studies Marketing Strategies – Around 2010, social networking platforms took the entire world by a storm as they became new sources of deriving information marketing business.

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