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What Do Cryptocurrency Rates Live Depend On?

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that can be traded, invested, or used for settlements for goods and services. Metrics that characterize crypto are price (crypto rates), market capitalization, and daily trade volume.

Cryptocurrency rates do not depend on governmental decisions but on general factors such as:

  • Technical characteristics of an asset and its usefulness;
  • Emission of coins (limited or not?);
  • The overall situation in the crypto market, trends;
  • Investors sentiment;
  • The global economy, crisis, etc.;
  • News background, the hype around some assets, etc.

How to Calculate Crypto Rates?

All crypto rates live are available on such resources as Coinmarketcap. There you will also find every coin’s market cap and trade volume. Crypto platforms like WhiteBIT offer crypto calculators, where you can calculate how many crypto coins you can purchase for the number of other coins you own. For example, you have 2 ETH and want to buy SOL coins. So you register on the WhiteBIT, go to the “Trade” sector, and enter the number of ETH you want to sell. The calculator will give you the amount of SOL you can afford in exchange for ETH according to the cryptocurrency’s current rate and indicate the percentage of commission you’ll have to pay for the transaction.

The WhiteBIT exchange always offers up-to-date cryptocurrency rates live. Registered and verified users have no limits for money withdrawal a day. Besides, they can buy crypto with fiat currencies using a bank card. WhiteBIT offers smart staking, enabling users to receive passive income in the form of interest for locking their holdings for a certain period of time. That brings a lot of advantages.

Users can also take advantage of holding the WBT tokens – internal exchange’s currency that gives a lot of benefits such as discounts or zero fees, additional interest in the referral program, staking, etc. Join the WhiteBIT community to be up to the latest updates and news.

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