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Video Verification: Revolutionising Customer Experience For Businesses

Technological advancements have changed the preferences of customers along with market trends. Consumers do not want to use complex products that are hard to operate. As per a McKinsey Report, it was found that UX with a product plays an important role in its success. This factor is really important for increasing business growth. In other words, a UX’s influence on an enterprise’s development exceeds short-term gains. In this way, video verification solutions are critical in streamlining customer onboarding and ensuring a positive experience for consumers.

Video Verification – A Quick Insight into the Solution

Video KYC solution is a foolproof digital ID validation method during which a specialist guides the user throughout the process on a live video call. The expert asks the customer to only display government-issued identity documentation for verification. Moreover, face verification technology and liveness detection features efficiently prevent spoof attacks.

Collaborating with a third-party service provider can help organizations achieve higher customer satisfaction rates. This way, customers can experience a streamlined consumer onboarding experience, and businesses can win their loyalty. The following sections highlight the advancements in digital solutions:

Streamlined Customer Journey

Most customers are not interested in the technical details of the solution because professionals take care of the whole process. The end-user is only required to answer a few questions honestly and display the ID documentation in front of the camera. The remaining tasks are for the expert and smart verification engines. From signing in to generating high-quality verification results, the customers only have to follow simple guidelines.

Enhanced UI and UX

Collaborating with a trustworthy service provider can help businesses update the validation screens to ensure an enjoyable experience for users. This way, the client does not have to understand the product and then experience the video verification system. The experts will guide clients regarding everything to ensure higher satisfaction. The following sections provide some insights into the procedure:

A KYC Expert

The clients get in touch with a professional on a live video call with the help of a link. Before initiating the video verification process, the customer must validate the phone number through the 2FA method.

Face Validation

The video KYC vendors ask the end-user to display their full face before the camera. The professional takes the photo and ensures the live presence of the client. The image taken in this phase helps verify the photo on user ID documentation.

Document & Address Authentication

At this stage, the consumer has to show official records to the camera for comprehensive validation. Customers must only select government-issued records for this purpose. The software captures the front and backside of the ID documents to highlight signs of forgery. The system uses AI-driven OCR solutions for accurate data extraction. Finally, the image taken in Step 1 helps validate the photo on the ID documents.

Delivery of Final Results

After the finalization of the process, the client receives final authentication results with solid proof of verification. The system stores the evidence in a third party’s back office. Customers can access these proofs anytime from anywhere in the world.

The video verification solution is convenient and time-saving. Working with a certified third-party service provider means businesses can use solutions that have multiple navigation screens. This approach facilitates KYC agents in capturing proof, previewing country selection, and selecting ID documents.

Updated Data Extraction through OCR

AI-powered OCR systems perform data extraction in real-time to ensure higher effectiveness of the video KYC process. This not only makes ID document verification seamless but also resource-effective for corporations. In other words, it increases overall effectiveness and saves time, ensuring higher productivity.

Provided Multiple Proofs of Verification

Collaborating with a competent third-party service provider means all the verification pieces of evidence are available around the clock. For video verification systems, various proofs are accessible in the third party’s back office. All the images taken during record validation, address authentication, and face recognition are securely stored. Hence, customers can access them for future use conveniently.

Concluding Thoughts

Working with a verified third-party service provider can ensure a customer-centric approach to ensure more convenience for clients. The use of video verification plays an important role in this regard. Customers do not need to know unnecessary details because professionals guide them throughout the process. In this way, enhanced UI/UX always guarantees a positive client experience. Moreover, KYC specialists do not need to manually deal with data because the OCR system can handle the job. Hence, video verification helps businesses enhance their productivity and produce high-quality results for customer satisfaction.

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