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Top Events for Graphic Design London 2022

The digital landscape is changing at an incredible rate. More and more creative professionals are being held liable for handling the brand, budgets, and providing visual content to a wide range of digital media. Numerous universities are offering graphic design in London to keep up with the increasing demand for professionals in this domain. Choosing a few events to attend and committing a few days to serious learning and socializing with colleagues is one of the greatest ways to stay up to date on the newest trends, best practices, and solutions in 2022.

Here is the list of some top events, festivals, and conferences for graphic design to be held in 2022.

  • Unboxed: It will be held around various locations in the UK from March-October. It is a large-scale creative and innovation exhibition comprised of 10 large-scale initiatives taking place around England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. It is the greatest and most comprehensive creative program ever exhibited in the British Isles, and it is sponsored and promoted by the UK’s four ministries.
  • Leeds Digital Festival: It is held in Leeds, UK around 25-27 April 2022. The Leeds Digital Festival is an inclusive, creative exhibition of the digital environment in all of its manifestations, encompassing coding, financial technology, social platforms, graphic design, AI, health tech, analytics, start-ups, online streaming, network security, and augmented reality/virtual reality. It will return for its seventh year with a three-day event scheduled in April, followed by a two-week schedule of technological activities in September.
  • Photo North Festival: Participants can expect to be participating in this event around 7, 9 May in Manchester, UK. Photo North comes to Manchester’s Bonded Warehouse in May with a standardized protocol of photography creativity centered on three major elements: individuality, faith and hope, the environmental assistance for the homeless and underprivileged.
  • Dulwich Festival Artists’ Open House: This event takes place in London, the UK around 13-22 May. The Dulwich Festival is organizing its iconic Artists’ Open House to take place this May as part of a comprehensive event of artwork, music, drama, poetry, and walks for all, with perhaps more developments to come. Make a note of it on your calendar.
  • Birmingham Design Festival: This event is scheduled around 9-11 June in Birmingham, UK. Birmingham Design Festival, which returns in 2022 in June, comprises over 100 activities and more than 80 speakers at locations around the town center. This event focuses on the design and art aspects of creativity.
  • Pixel Pioneers: It is held in Bristol, the UK on 10 June. Pixel Pioneers is a low-cost community event in Bristol for front-end programmers and UX/UI designers. The workshops, sponsored by renowned net magazine editor Oliver Lindberg, deliver world-class guidance from the industry’s greatest brains to the UK.
  • UX London: The dates for this event are yet to be confirmed but the location will be London, UK. This annual event, held in June, brings the UX industry together for a three-day appreciation of all aspects of digital design and UX, with world-class speakers and hands-on training addressing it all from exploration and subject matter to gorgeous design.
  • London Design Festival: It is going to be held from 17-25 September at Venues across London, UK. The London Design Festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and attendees are in for a surprise. That’s twenty years of advocating and supporting London as the world’s creative hub.

There are numerous other events for graphic design to be held in London in 2022. You can be a part of any of these by visiting their website and signing up for their applications now!

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