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Technology’s Increasing On Today’s Society

From the invention of fire to invention of the wheel, technology had people’s backs. It made things easier to do! The world has cars for transport, beds for comfort, light to counter darkness, phones and televisions to counter boredom.

Technology’s rise will only be more prevalent in the years to come. Imagine that the first cellular phone weighed 1.1. kg in 1973. Now, phones do not even weigh near that. They also fight with other brands to see which can make the lighter phone. There are upcoming tech fairs in Manhattan so go and check out these Manhattan places to stay.

How will technology rise in the future now that it has dominated homes and offices alike?

Modernization at its finest

Looking back on the movie “Back To The Future”, people there sported flying cars and rampantly amazing technology. They even showed automated houses, floating skateboard called hover boards, and self-lacing shoes. Wait, people of today already have made self-lacing shoes! Houses become more and more automated each day that pass, the jetpack is now being produced! To top it off, flying cars are already being invented.

You may check out these Manhattan places to stay if you want to catch the tech fair there. This generation may have not achieved the progress in the said deadline but this is because the focuses of people are centered on different fields. With that said, today’s age experience a balanced increase in technological breakthroughs: medicine, entertainment, security and even the social aspect of a person. Who would have thought that you could create a completely new world using only at the VR headset?

Televisions screens were only tubes before and now is just 2.57 millimeters thick! You can even interact with creatures and things on virtual worlds in real time. Also, before, people had to be stuck in one place to call one another. Nowadays, you can call from anywhere! Cancer may not be broken yet, but latest stem cell research and breakthroughs in technology allow for better and more complicated operations and surgeries. Medicine can now make you slim, fat, boost immunity, lessen pain and many more. Amazing, isn’t it?

Fear of Technology

Technology can be as dreamy as it can but it can reach that, no matter how far-fetched it might seem to anyone or anybody. The fears surrounding technology’s rise is not an unfounded and baseless lie. As artificial intelligence’s grow smarter with more programs, people put themselves at risk.

Some AIs already have a program that makes them learn even the most complicated problems. There are even toys that resemble humans’ emotions, actions, and decisions in real-time! Take Iphone’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana for example. They know how to answer even the pettiest questions. If they do not know the answer, however, you can always teach them the answer. Some computers record your preferences and actions.

The fears however exaggerated. If people kept a kill switch near them or an option to turn off the dangerous elements of technology, there is nothing to worry. People just have to know how to limit their creations. People will continue to push the barrier between tech and life; they guided with the correct principles. This is to not let tech control life. Instead, life must control tech.

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