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Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, How important for SEO

Are you looking for how to use social media in your content strategy to better your SEO and Google search rankings? Do you want to amplify your SEO campaign using social media? This article will address those questions about practical social media usage for SEO marketing tips.

Improving your SEO strategy is essential because it amplifies your search visibility and Google ranking. Cutthroat competition makes featuring on search results a challenge, mainly because more and more content gets published daily. With the immense quantity of content being published daily, your chances of featuring or showing up on search engines are quite slim. But you can better your chances by deploying the apt strategy.

Social Media & How Important for SEO. How do Social Media Platforms Affect and Impact SEO?

Social media platforms and communities do not immediately and directly contribute to SEO ranking. However, the links most people share and which are trending across social media platforms boost brand exposure. They all add up and compact search engine optimization in six directions:

  1. Extensive distribution of content.
  2. The greater lifespan of your posts.
  3. Organic traffic and improve online visibility.
  4. Increase brand popularity and recognition.
  5. Enhance the reputation of the brand.
  6. Amplifies search engine optimization (SEO) locally.

Your shares throughout social media sites have no direct correlation to SEO rankings. But still, when more and more people share your piece of content throughout social media platforms, it creates social signals that indicate your posts are beneficial to your target market.

Research by CognitiveSEO made some exciting findings. After observing and analyzing 22 million social media post shares on selected platforms, they came across an ambiguous link between SEO and social media shares. The claims, comments, and likes your posts receive are essential signals which big search engines like Google and the like use to rank your website.

While speaking about how social media impacts SEO, it is essential to note that social media platforms do not directly influence SEO. But it indirectly has a positive impact on search ranking.

How Social Media Supports SEO:

Why is social media essential for SEO campaigning, you ask? Since social media platforms and the posts and shares indirectly influence the factors that affect and impact search rankings, it is vital because it can drive quality and impactful web traffic to your website.

When you create and publish good quality content that connects and resonates with your target readers, they become promoters and advocates of your work. Why? Since you offer them something of substantial value. It means that your audience is likely to consume and share the content with their friends and followers.

Their followers might do the same, and the chain continues like so. Therefore the content you create is a beautiful way to attract more eyes to your website. Content can be in any form and of any nature, as long as it appeals to your audience and keeps them engaged.

Some types of content that positively impact traffic and social shares are:

  1. Blog posts
  2. Infographics
  3. Videos
  4. Podcasts

These materials provide your marketing persona essential and vital information that makes them keep visiting back and ultimately bring in leads. This is what content marketing mainly entails — sharing valuable information and data that helps the consumer. But you will make no significant progress if you do not distribute and market them correctly.

This is where social media platforms come into the picture. So when you decide to share your posts, your audience amplifies and boosts your content by further re-sharing it. In this way, you tend to increase the website’s presence, visibility, better the traffic, and generate backlinks.

These are social media signals that update and notify Google and other prominent search engines that your website’s content is valuable. Such signals could indirectly boost your search rankings.

Here are some SEO social media marketing key points to consider on how social media platforms affect SEO campaigning:

  1. Post helpful and useful content on social media platforms.
  2. These useful pieces of content will help you acquire traction, boost your content reach, and ultimately generate backlinks for your website.
  3. Clear and crisp information helps social media profiles rank and feature in search results and gain popularity, i.e., grow your number of followers and drive traffic.
  4. Quality of the content matters and thus helps establish your brand community.
  5. It also enhances the reputation of the brand.
  6. Links from social media platforms can help Google and other prominent search engines index your content and posts.
  7. Indexing can lead to more search traffic and improved rankings.

Therefore, you need to start posting and sharing content that offers valuable information and data while engaging your target audience because this helps immensely boost social shares. It is also vital to make it effortless and hassle-free for the audience to share your posts to grow and strengthen those signals.

At this point, I believe you have known and learned how to use social media platforms to amplify your SEO campaigning and marketing. A sustainable and efficient social media strategy equips and enables you to improve SEO ranking and rank higher on the search and browse results. While there are numerous ways to gear up and improve your SEO using social media platform’s best practices, the key points discussed above will enhance your content and will be of invaluable service if applied correctly. If you’re doing SEO for your website not good at social media, hire a digital marketing agency that helps you in getting water results.

Understanding and implementing these social media tips are essential, but applying them to your marketing content on social media platforms is even more crucial.

Alice Jacqueline is a creative writer. Alice is the best article author, social media, and content marketing expert. Alice is a writer by day and ready by night. Find her on Twitter and on Facebook!

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