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Know More about Using SMS Gateway API Integration

Customer interaction is a great way to ensure customer retention. Let customers know more about the business, keep them updated about any of the new products or services, deals or discounts. Take customer feedback and ask for their opinions to make the business better and get more sales.

Any business enterprise that is customer-focused will invariably have a solid customer base where they trust the enterprise to provide the best of the products and services. So how do businesses stay in touch with their customers?

In this era of technology, there are numerous ways of communicating with customers. But what is that one way which is the most simple and yet effective of them all? The answer is SMS (Short Message Service). Every mobile phone has the SMS feature built-in and allows users to read an SMS without the need for an internet connection or any complex apps.

Use gateway SMS API integration to connect the backend and database of a business to the SMS gateway using a common platform. There are many service providers in the industry who offer the API integration services and handle all the technical aspects of the communication process. Build interactive SMS services, create and use messaging bots to send automated updates, send passwords using two-factor authentication, and enable advanced workflow and messaging services.

Business enterprises get an interactive dashboard when they opt for the services of using the platform provided by the companies. The management gets to keep track of the SMS sent, delivered, rerouted due to errors in mobile phone numbers, etc. This data helps them in updating their database with the latest customer details and ensuring that all messages get delivered to the users.

Take a look at some of the areas where gateway SMS can be used to communicate and interact with customers and the target audience.

Get Customer Feedback via SMS

  • The main objective here is to obtain quality customer feedback while making it easy for them to give feedback.
  • Many customers refrain from giving feedback as they feel the process is either too complex or time-consuming.
  • Using SMS, the feedback process can be simplified which will take less than a minute for the customers.
  • Create a smart survey message using the provided code and generate a link for the message using the API.
  • Include the embedded link in the SMS which will take the customers to the question page where they click on the response.
  • The result is sent to the system and customer feedback is collected.

Conduct Poll Using SMS

  • Ask for the customers’ opinion about a product or a service. This is similar to taking customer feedback.
  • The poll can be conducted when deciding about new products or expanding the business to have a better idea about customer requirements.

Referral Scheme for Retail Store

  • One way to expand the customer base is by asking the existing customers to refer new customers.
  • When every customer who refers to a new customer they will be given an additional discount, deal or an offer as a thank you gesture.
  • Use SMS as a way to ask for referrals. When a customer recommends a business to their contacts using SMS with the referral link, the customer will be taken to a link where they can avail the discount for the referral.
  • The new customer will be saved in the database and an ID will be created for them in the system.

E-Commerce via SMS

  • Use messaging bots to send automated updates to customers immediately after a booking is made.
  • Send SMS alerts about orders booked, shipped, delivered, and payment received.
  • Allow customers to place orders using SMS.
  • Ask them to give a missed call to the specified number upon which they will be sent an SMS with the list of products.
  • Once they select, the order is placed and the customer is informed about the same.

Use URL embedded SMS to send interactive messages to customers using SMS. Attach plain text to make it easier for customers to understand what the SMS is about.

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