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LG Unveils It’s G6 Plus 128 GB With Bonus Features Added To The G6

LG announced an updated version of its lead G6 cell phone on Monday.

The LG G6 Plus has additional capacity 128 GB up from 32 GB on the standard model in addition to bolster for high determination sound through the earphone jack and B&O Play earphones in the case. It’s not a noteworthy upgrade but rather control customers will doubtlessly be appreciative of the capacity support.

Existing G6 proprietors aren’t by and large left helpless by LG which is revealing a product refresh in the coming weeks that will add new components to both variants of the cell phone.

The New G6 Plus

These incorporate Face print a security highlight that LG cases is “more helpful to use than existing facial acknowledgment innovation”. G6 and G6 Plus clients will have the capacity to open their gadgets by holding them up to their countenances without the need to press any catches.

Low power consumption is another new element intended to enhance battery life and diminish inactivity while utilizing applications. A newly presented covered lens cautioning will likewise alarm. You thought to your fingers begin to stray before the camera while snapping photographs.

At long last LG is presenting two new shading varieties for the two cell phones. And in addition being accessible in “Astro Black” you’ll have the capacity. To get both gadgets in “Marine Blue” and “Desert Gold”.

Valuing and accessibility dates for the G6 Plus and correct dates for the product. Refresh declared at a later date and will be diverse in every nation.

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