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How to Get Ranking in Featured Snippets?

Are you willing to get ranked in Google’s SERP? Want to get zero position on the Google result page? But getting a prestigious place on the result page is not a cakewalk. In the world of technology and cut-throat competition, everyone is fighting had to get the top rank.

Many enterprises hire experienced and professional service providers to do technical SEO to boost the rank of their site, so that the site gets visible on the first page of the search engine, and generate more leads & sales. But on the other hand, many SEO strategists opt for the Featured snippets box as #0 Position #0” as it comes above the conventional #1 position. So, let’s deep dive and know more detailed information about the featured snippets and their benefits.

A Featured Snippet is like a box that includes adequate answers to your questions. Featured snippets are placed above the very first traditional search, i.e. position #0. Take a simple example to make you understand more about position Zero (#0). Post typing the question “why Blood appears Red?” the first answer shown by Google’s SERP is in paragraph form, termed as Featured Snippets.

A featured snippet provides you with exact answers to the asked question and makes the online search much more convenient for active users. If Google picks your answer from your published blog or article as the snippet, you will be getting mammoth leads for sure.

There are mainly three types of Featured Snippets that you are likely to experience at the top of Google’s SERP.


As the name implies, in the Paragraph you will get your desired answers to the query starting from wh-words like WHO, WHAT, WHEN, HOW, and WHY in the form of paragraph. This kind of snippet is prestigious-one.


Lists come at the second place after paragraph, in this form of Featured Snippets; the answers appeared in the form of a list of points. Here, the answers involve step-by-step instructions or any ranking. When you make a query like “List of top 10 best places to Visit in winter”, then the Google SERP will show you a list of the best 10 places in a well-mannered listed form.


In Table Featured Snippets, the answers are in the form of a Comparison chart. In these snippets, the answers are available in well-structured & formatted form. Taking an example, when you make a query like “Digital Marketing Vs Email Marketing”, you will get all the relevant information’s in a comparison chart.

Generate Organic Traffic

It’s not false to say that if you successfully optimize your site, the very next moment you will start experiencing enormous traffic on your site, resulting in more leads & sales. Optimization is the Boss, and if you get able to acquire the first position, no doubt it can make you the King.

Boost Authority in your Niche

Nowadays, millions of websites are out there, and standing out among the competitors is not easy at all. The majority of enterprises invest money in SEO, to acquire the first position in the SERP. But with an included featured snippet, one can build their authority by showing up.

People want to have more convenience, and thus around 58% of the population use voice search to get a local business online. Interestingly, Google filter out the best answer and chooses the response from the website, having a Google featured Snippet.

Snippets cannot be made, as Google picks the most suitable answers and shows them to the questioner. Then how to rank in featured snippets? What are the effective ways to make the site get position #0? Here are some useful and proven strategies that one can follow to get ranked in featured snippets:

Find right Keywords:

Focus more on Keywords, as they play a significant role to get featured in snippets. So, it is important to do lots of keyword research, know what is trending? Know what your competitors are using, frequently?

Focus on long-tail keywords:

In terms of SEO long-tail keywords makes your write-ups unique, SEO friendly, so that Google can easily check the relevancy of the published content.

Cross-check with a word count:

An average length of content that ranks for featured snippets lies between 40-60 words. Before going to write the content for the snippets, ensure an ideal word count.

Write unique and fact-based answers:

Always avoid copying content from other websites, make high-quality content with all the ingredients of exact answers. So, if a query raises your single published content is enough to satisfy the majority.

SEO experts invest much time in link-building strategies to gain links back to the targeted website. It ultimately boosts search engine rankings. Strategists use info graphs, Blogs, Articles, and descriptions to do the backlinks.

Formatting offers a leading-edge:

To get featured for snippets, the key is to break up each section of your page so that it is understandable by Google.

  • Consider all steps, lists, & titles as either H2 or H3.
  • Use short sentences that offer direct answers.

Include high-quality Videos & Images:

Most of the time images are shown in the featured snippets, as people like to learn things visually as well. So it is recommended to add high-quality images and videos if you want to increase your chance to rank for position zero.

Final Words:

Now, you have enough information about the snippets and their significance. But remember, Google picks the answers as per its discretion, and they regularly work on their search results. So, always be prepared with the right planning, to gain rank in Google’s SERP.

Authors Bio:

Kaushal Jha is a professional content developer tapping every area of knowledge to convert it into readily available information for the end-users. He is a passionate writer & blogger by profession, blogs regularly about SEO and Digital marketing, and loves to explore new arenas of possibilities in content development.

Alice Jacqueline is a creative writer. Alice is the best article author, social media, and content marketing expert. Alice is a writer by day and ready by night. Find her on Twitter and on Facebook!

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