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How to Receive SMS without Access to Phone or SIM

Authentication on social networks, e-mail services, different applications, and web-sites requires a real phone numb. The service sends a message on your phone with a special code that you need to enter back afterward. In such a way services try to avoid frauds and suspicious activities.

However, it may happen that:

  • you do not want to share your personal number with such services;
  • you are using these services for business needs.

In any of the cases, you will need a virtual directory. Such accommodation allows getting messages without a smartphone or a SIM-card. There are free and paid accommodations.

Free Virtual Numbs

Users experience certain troubles with free services. This is because managing servers in different countries do require a certain amount of money and free accommodations cannot spend them. The most spread situations at the free companies are connection falls off, delay of messages, lack of numbers, small choice of countries, and last, but not least, low protection level.

Paid Virtual Numbs

Even if you pay for the service, but don’t research it beforehand, you can face similar issues. That is why thorough research is important. By the way, lots of paid companies offer virtual sms number free as a trial. This might be a great option before making the choice and paying money for accommodation.

Different companies offer different options. There are one-time numbs and numbs for rent. You can pay for the gigabytes or for unlimited usage. The coverage and amount of directories also differ.

The Process of Getting a Message without a Phone or SIM

This process is easy and intuitive. Here are the steps that you need to do.

  1. You need to have a stable Internet connection.
  2. Choose the accommodation you trust.
  3. Register on their website.
  4. Replenish your balance in order to buy a virtual numb.
  5. Open the platform that you need and start filling the registration form. Fill it in up to the stage when you are requested to specify your phone numb.
  6. On the virtual directory site, choose the country and the platform you need.
  7. Buy the virtual directory.
  8. Copy and paste it into the corresponding field on the platform.
  9. Agree to receive an authentication code to this number.
  10. Find it on your account on the virtual numb service site.
  11. Copy and paste the authentication into the corresponding field on the platform.
  12. Press the ‘Verify’ verify button.

If you choose a reliable virtual numb company, you will have no delays with message receiving and forget about SIMs and phones.

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