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How Can Mobile Marketing Improve The Local Businesses?

With the advent of technology Mobile marketing has changed a lot. The ability to reach any part of the world has made this strategy a top digital marketing strategy. This is the reason why every business prefers mobile marketing over any other digital marketing technique.

Moreover, the amalgamation of Mobile and push notifications have changed the definition of marketing. These days both Android and iOS push notifications are in huge demand. Their effectiveness has forced both small-scale as well as large-scale businesses to implement it. Not only this but mobile marketing has also helped the local business to expand a lot.

Are you wondering how? Let us get in detail to find the answer.

1. Location-Based Marketing: It is difficult to survive for a local business if it doesn’t hold a grasp on the local market. To make a notable presence in the local market, mobile marketing plays a crucial role. It provides location-based marketing techniques in the form of geofencing. Geofencing is one of the suitable platforms for local businesses that have brick-and-mortar stores. It is also suitable for eCommerce businesses that want to target the local market.

According to a survey by “”, 80% of marketers accept the fact that location-based marketing increases key metrics. It also states that there is an 85% increase in customer base and an 83% increase in response rate. Moreover, it states that customer engagement increases by 83%.

2. Push Notifications: When it comes to mobile marketing, push notifications are an integral part of it. Push notifications in the form of Android and iOS push notifications provide users with rich experience. Push notifications provide the ability to use rich media. It means one can use text, images, graphics, emojis, gifs, videos, etc. As a result, using them on a regular basis will help to increase both presence and visibility in the local market.

Moreover, push notifications are proven effective when used for important announcements regarding sales and discounts. It motivates the audience to show their presence on a business platform on an immediate basis.

3. Social Media: According to “DataReportal” currently 3.96 billion people are accessing social media throughout the world. Among them, 3.91 billion are accessing it through mobile. It means mobile provides local businesses, a huge opportunity to reach their target audience. Business owners can use this opportunity to increase their visibility in the local market.

What only they need to do is to satisfy some customers. These customers will further help them with free advocacy through social media linking, tagging, tweeting, sharing, etc.

4. Voice Search Optimization: One of the advantages of using mobile marketing is voice search optimization. People find it convenient to use voice search instead of typing long texts. As it not only takes less time but also reduces efforts.

Voice search provides users with the freedom to call business, explore sites, register complaints, visit a local store, and so on. It provides users an enriching experience. As a result, this factor increases sales on a mass level. Thus businesses can easily achieve sales targets.


Mobile marketing has come a long way. It has so developed that it becomes a necessity for small as well as large-scale businesses. These days mobile marketing is one of the effective and inexpensive ways to take the business on a global level. Mobile marketing provides local businesses an opportunity to use technology to their advantage. You hardly find any business that is not using mobile marketing these days.

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Wonderpush, provides you an ability to use both Android and iOS push notifications to your advantage. You can use these notification services to mark your presence in the local business community.

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