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Ways to Calculate The Views on Youtube Videos

Have you produced an excellent youtube video about your brand? Or marketing yourself? You will always be anxious to see your youtube views accumulating after posting. Maybe, you got the youtube views to target you aim to achieve. Not bad, although you will have to be more creative. Youtube is a fantastic platform you can use and create great awareness about your brand.

If you had aimed to hit a certain number of youtube views or want to be youtube famous, it’s vital to know how youtube views are calculated. That way, you may avoid being disappointed since you will see the total views going up and other times going down.

The number of your youtube video views reflects the number of times your video has been watched. While you may not exactly tell the formula applied when calculating youtube views, various aspects can offer you essential insights.

How YouTube Views are Calculated

Youtube has its guidelines that help to determine whether a given view counts or not. If you are a youtube video maker, your video must meet the set criteria for it to be counted. One of the standard youtube views should meet for it to count time. If your youtube video is watched for thirty seconds, that view will count. That means that any youtube video that cannot last for 30 seconds if viewed will never count when it comes to youtube views.

What if someone watches a youtube video for 20 seconds, pauses, and later comes and watches until 30 seconds are over? Well, such a view has a high likelihood of being counted. Any view that your youtube visitor initiates and lasts for 30 seconds matters a lot when counting youtube views.

Your youtube views also need to be initiated by a viewer. For any view to count, it must have been started by someone and not bots. In other words, your youtube views need to be legitimate. People use dubious ways to get youtube views. Such views will not be counted. Youtube has put up a measure to ensure that YouTubers earn honest views.

301+ YouTube Views Tipping Point

When your youtube views hit the 300 marks, you will experience a youtube view freeze. It’s automatic. But your video views will go on to be counted. Your video’s number of dislikes and likes are not is never affected during the freeze. Don’t forget that during the freeze, your video will still be watched and monetized as usual.

But what happens after youtube freezes your views? An audit will be done on your existing views. Are you wondering why youtube choose 300- views mark? Well, it’s because that number of views doesn’t have a great impact on the youtube system. But once the number of views goes beyond 300, such a video has a bigger potential to attain huge audience growth, leading a bigger potential for abuse.

Youtube undertakes manual audits to analyze the source of your youtube views. In case a large number of your video views originate within the same few locations, they will be removed. That will lower the number of your youtube views. That measure aims to curb the fraud of using bots to refresh your youtube page to load the video to get more views.

After your youtube views have been verified, the actual number of views you had earned genuinely will be released. That way, your view count will begin to go up again.

Upon the release of your youtube view count, your video will have the freedom to rack as many views as available going forward. But remember, your view count algorithm isn’t the same raw page load count the way it was before the freeze. Your video is in another bigger league with new rules.

Repeated YouTube Views

Have you ever tried to watch the same youtube video several times within a day? For sure, the view count will go up at first. But after some time, the view count will stop adding up. Youtube knows that the visitors replay the videos as entertainment and enjoy such videos. So, it would factor those replays into its algorithm since it’s an implication of quality. However, to eliminate spam youtube views, the counter stops after reaching a given point.

So, you don’t have to incur costs requesting your friends to watch your youtube videos for you to earn more views. While they may count to some extent, it isn’t worthy. Based on the expert’s view, the views counted may not go beyond five.

Live YouTube Views

Youtube offers you a new feature. You don’t have to upload your youtube videos for them to be counted. With the youtube live video feature, any live youtube video view is also counted. The youtube real-time live view count will show you the live views counted for your video as accurately as possible.

Youtube mainly never updates such view counts on the website often. That’s why it may be hard for you to keep track if you want to hit a new milestone within a given period. But the live video counter will ease pressure and show you the view count adjustments live.

Bot Views Never Count

Youtube can be monetized. You can earn an income through your youtube channel. But you will need to be more creative and come up with the best videos that will get you a large number of views. To get views, some YouTubers have discovered the use of computer programs. To ensure such backdoor views are not counted, youtube has devised its security measures to ensure only views from humans are counted and not bots.

After you have published your video, youtube appears to be stricter on what views count within the first couple of hours. Only the proven views are the ones that youtube deems genuine. Sometimes, it may skip real views for discretion purposes.

When that time window passes, you are likely to experience view counter updates. They may even turn out to be frequent. Your video counter may still revert to slow update as youtube confirm you are not using bots to get extra views.


The number of your youtube views matters. Do you seek to become youtube famous? You will need to earn genuine views. It will be vital also to understand how youtube views are counted. That way, you will know whether you are hitting your target soon. While you can’t tell the formula used by youtube to calculate youtube views, it has to be watched for at least 30 seconds for a view to count. The view also needs to have been initiated by the viewer.

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