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Google Is Currently Offering Its 4K-Digital Whiteboard For $5K



The Jamboard, Google’s 4K digital whiteboard is presently accessible and is available for purchase for a huge cost.

As my associate Napier said when the Jamboard was launched, that it would appear to be a whiteboard, featuring demonstrations like a tablet, and accompanies a couple of other coordinated tools. It gives every individual a chance to cooperate with the G-Suite of a focal area, even remote workers.

The vast touchscreen is clearly outlined considering a business group. It has its own portable stand, finish with a single link to control the entire thing.

Still, as intriguing as that sounds, this gadget wouldn’t come modest. The Jamboard is presently accessible in the US in 3 colors. It accompanies 2 styli and 1 eraser. The Jamboard and the moving stand will together cost $6198 approx. Also, the G-Suite account costs additional.