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Embed Google Reviews – Build Brand Credibility

Reviews are vital for customers and businesses; for customers, it helps them make their purchase decision. For the businesses, it helps them know the reception of their product and work on the flaw if needed.

And when we talk about online reviews, one cannot ignore – Google Reviews. This is because 59 percent of the consumers use it to read reviews while staying relevant for the customers. It also has a crucial role for businesses, and therefore they embed Google reviews into their reviews.

Reviews themselves add great benefit to the business, but the strategy of embedding Google reviews to the website provides further benefits, and these benefits are:

Benefits of Embedding Google Reviews on the Website

One can argue that various other review platforms allow users to share their reviews and opinions related to any product or brand. But often, there are cases that these platforms deliver fake or spam reviews. And that hampers the reputation of the brand. And hence Google stands as the most trusted platform as it only allows authenticated Google users to post their content. And therefore, businesses embed Google reviews on the website. These are the major benefits of this strategy.

1. Assist in attaining sales

While collecting reviews for the business is important, showcasing them to consumers is equally important as 9 out of 10 customers make their purchase decisions based on reviews. And as there will be more positive reviews related to your business, your chance of attaining sales increases.

2. Builds credibility of the brand

Trust is an important factor for the business, as it helps them to achieve new customers. And one can win the trust of the potential and target customers by showcasing them with reviews. Moreover, reviews also help businesses to build their credibility. Also, people usually prefer buying from a brand with a market reputation. One can build a strong reputation by showcasing and collecting reviews related to their products and brands.

3. Holds visitors on the website

We all know research is one of the major steps before making a purchase. While researching, people often visit various websites and different review platforms to get the right idea of the product and look for an alternative if possible. And hence there are cases where customers keep a product in mind and end up buying a product from the competitive brand.

And this is where embedded Google reviews come to the rescue. It holds visitors on your website, and as they read more about your products and brands, they make their buying decision. Also, if you use a social media aggregator for embedding, you also have the option to filter reviews that you don’t want to display. Hence, you can use it to remove feedback that contains the names of your competitors. And keep your visitors’ attention towards your brand only.

But keep in mind that you don’t misuse the filtration feature to remove all negative comments. Keep your feed transparent as people don’t buy products from the brand that sensor the opinion of their customers and also, it hampers your brand reputation.

4. Develops a review cycle

Users feel respected when a brand showcases and features their reviews and feedback on their websites. This eventually builds a strong relationship and develops a good reputation. But another way that embedded Google reviews help is that it builds a review cycle. After reading other users’ opinions can also encourage other users to post comments and mentions on the website.

And we all know, more reviews means, more reliable brand and eventually helps build brand recognition. Also, as more people post more reviews regarding your brand, it will also enhance the SEO of your website and, therefore, can increase your brand’s reach.

5. Makes your brand transparent

Brands that showcase reviews and feedback on the website eventually develop a great reputation in the market. As they appear transparent in front of their consumers. That means they do not hide anything even from their potential customers. And at the same time acknowledge all the comments related to the brand. So it eventually increases the brand reputation and establishes trust.

Moreover, even if there is any negative comment, and by showcasing them on the website, you accept the flaw and can work on it in the future. Another hidden benefit under this heading is that by reading the reviews and opinions, a consumer can know how your product can help him or how it can change the life of any particular customer, hence giving a more clear vision and usage of the product.

The Ending Note

Reviews play a huge role for businesses; it helps them attain more customers, provides them with the room for improvement, and helps them know the reputation in the market. When you embed Google reviews on the website, you add more benefits to these reviews mentioned above. Social media aggregators are amazing tools that can assist you in embedding and add great significance to this strategy.

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I’m Daisy and I’m a digital marketer & technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, WordPress google reviews plugin, social media, and digital marketing trends.

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