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Building your eCommerce with Shopify Development Store

With your business holding physical stores around, an online store can cover your target audience globally. Shopify development is a great way to create dynamic online stores.

A Shopify store is a versatile online store that can give your business a perfect start in the online market space. A development store is a no-cost Shopify account with some external limitations. It is a fantastic tool for a Shopify development company to set up a client’s Shopify account and get things ready for a successful online store.

Shopify development store has many applications that offer productive features and plugins to improve the store’s efficiency and functionality. All Shopify partners have access to partner-friendly apps that are available at no-cost inference. Once you have switched from the development store to the paid account, the applications utilized are charged as per the cost.

A Detailed View: Shopify Development Store

Shopify development means when you use the Shopify platform to create an online store. With a development store, you can build your business online, aligned with your business goals, but with some limitations. It offers a demo store capability, where you can structure the store accordingly and test design and app functionalities. You can also launch the store in the future by taking membership and completing other formalities.

With a development store, you can successfully build your eCommerce website from scratch. This is possible with quality, simplicity, efficiency, and rich features offered by Shopify. The development store offers developers the ability to install and test new themes and templates for the digital storefronts before going with the finalized structure.

The development store is a free account, which is accessible from the partner dashboard. They are not time-bound and offer similar functionality as an Advanced Shopify Plan. Till the time you shift to a paid account, you cannot install the paid applications or create more than ten custom applications.

Benefits of Shopify Development Store

Shopify development store allows the developers to innovate and experiment with store creation in a secure environment. The development store can be utilized to test the new themes and applications created and set up the Shopify store with functionality and customized features.

Here are some benefits you can enjoy with the development store:

  1. sExperiment Store: Shopify development store is a demo store, i.e., it gives you the freedom to experiment with all the applications and themes you are willing to work on in a safe zone. Here, you can also use the functions of the advanced Shopify functions with some limitations.
  2. Client Website Building: Developers can leverage the development store to create an entire customer store for clients and ensure that it works as per the business insights. You can assign custom domains to check their suitability with optimization activities. The development store can be further used to share the website with the client without incurring Shopify external license costs.
  3. New Features and Functionalities: The development store holds different client and developer-centric features that can help create a store without errors. With integrated options like “Developer Preview,” one can utilize feature-rich operations and custom developments before the release of the store for public use.

Step-by-Step Process: Shopify Development Store

The foremost step needed to develop stores in Shopify is a Partner Account, which takes care of the cost of setting up the development store. Partner accounts have illustrative benefits and complete access to the development store environment, applications, documents, and additional rewards.

Shopify store can be created by visiting the Partner Program page. You can fill in the pre-requisite details where an email address and business-related information is required. Once you have the Shopify Partner account, you can create multiple development stores as per the requirement.

With a login into the partner account dashboard, follow the given steps:

  1. Click on stores.
  2. Select Add Store.
  3. Choose the development store as your store type.
  4. Give your development store a name, URL, and password. You can enter the store’s purpose, which can give it a professional interface.
  5. Enter the details and click save.

After the development store is created, you can log in through the “Stores Tab” in your Shopify Partner account dashboard. Here, you can start working and experimenting with the store or manage multiple applications. You can edit the password and install the latest themes and applications from the Shopify official store.

To install an application, you can visit the Shopify official app store and choose the application you want to add. Just enter the store’s address and add up the password when asked. While creating a development store, you can enable the developer Preview to gain access to the newly added features for Shopify. The development store can be archived by clicking the name of the store in the Stores tab and clicking on Archive.

The development store created can be accessed without any additional costs, and with certain limitations, you can build a full-fledged online store in a controlled environment.

Concluding Thought

With a Shopify development store, your business can test its online existence in a controlled environment. With a demo store, developers can take corrective steps and experiment with their preview without affecting the original storefront. This not only helps the business work first-hand but also entails significant trends and developments in the market.

Without coding requirements, you can develop your own online store and showcase your business online. For experts on board, Shopify development services are an excellent way for developers to work on the development store and transfer the ownership to hold a customized eCommerce store onboard.

Author’s Bio:

Adam Parker is an experienced Shopify developer at HTMLPanda.He enjoys his work in eCommerce development and shares his insights via informative blogs.

Alice Jacqueline is a creative writer. Alice is the best article author, social media, and content marketing expert. Alice is a writer by day and ready by night. Find her on Twitter and on Facebook!

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