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Big Data Solutions Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry

The evolution of new-age technology has changed the gaming playground. A massive shift took place in the past few years, from simple video games and board games to today’s online realistic multi-player games with high-end visuals and millions of user interactions. Gaming is now available to the masses, thanks to smartphones and social media.

Recent research shows that the mobile game segment is the largest at $41 billion, followed by $26 billion for retail games and $19 billion for free-to-play online games.” Also, Digital gaming produces huge data that has opened new opportunities for gaming companies; they can collect and analyze this data to find new actionable insights on their customer’s behavior. Gaming companies leverage big data solutions to draw insights to understand how players respond and think.

Data is critical for the gaming industry

Online gaming is a major contributor to big data.

  • Angry Birds launched in 2009 became a smash hit with 3 billion downloads worldwide.
  • Pokémon Go which launched in July 2016 became a smashing hit with more than 1 billion downloads.

Recent survey reports show that a leading online game could generate around 50 terabytes of gaming data per day. Tech giants that have realized the importance of data aggregation has started acquiring online gaming companies. Big data solutions can help organizations to mine and understand user behaviors.

The Relationship between Big Data and Gaming

Big data solutions help organizations to improve user experience and determine actionable insights for any organization making it an ideal fit. According to Research, Big data revenue is expected to reach $203 billion by 2020.

Big data is being aggregated to track consumer behavior. Apart from the collection of social media data such as age, gender and demographic, gaming also depends on consumer behavior data. These details include:

  • How the users interact with the game?
  • How long they play?
  • With whom they play?
  • Their buying behavior?

Using big data solutions to study customer behavioral data, gaming companies can upgrade their games so that gamers can have the best user experience.

Organizations need to upgrade their product according to the need for end-user so that their users do not walk away. Research from VentureBeat shows that “76% of digital nomads expect to see a personalized website screen on about every brand site they visit.”

How big data can help gaming companies to generate revenue?

1. Personalized ads

Companies leverage big data solutions to provide a personalized experience to their users. This will help gaming companies to create interactive marketing messages so the content displayed on the player’s screen has higher chances of appreciation rather than despise.

2. Freemium services

This is a business model that lets people use online services free of cost, but have a premium charge for extra features. It is hard for the players to spend a big amount, but to charge them in micro-transactions to enhance their gaming experience would be a great strategy.

Using big data solutions from the beginning of user onboarding allows measuring and predicting player behavior to optimize the experience and convert to a paid model.

There are ample opportunities available for gaming companies to improve their gaming experience with Big Data and drive more revenue. Recent research and future trends show that the companies should not miss out on Big Data, because the benefits for the game developers as well as the player are too big to ignore.

The Bottom line

Big data solutions are transforming the gaming industry for the better, while enabling it to flourish at an exponential pace. Big data is at the core of many novel technological developments, such as Virtual Reality, skill gaming among other exciting innovations.

Big data has triggered the proliferation of AI and machine learning, which is making games run efficiently, while enabling companies to create an exceptional gaming experience. In line with the growing competition, the gaming industry frontrunners are squeezing maximum benefits out of big data by providing a personalized experience to the gamers.

The crux is that big data continues to streamline the gaming industry and is undoubtedly a mine of opportunities for the gaming industry leaders.

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