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8 Web Design Principles to Know in 2020

Every sector is related to specific patterns. It relates in turn to graphic design, communications, and, of course, web design, in 2020. You can follow a lot of changes in the creation of websites right from the very beginning of the “technological revolution.” Innovations increase opportunities. That is why they are influencing the sites that we want to see. In this way, new trends are formed.

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Make your web design creative with predictions of fresh trends by 2020. There are top web design trends to know in 2020:

Adaptive Design:

First of all, I want to illustrate the phenomenon that has been going to be on top for over a year. The web page should be visible on any device or part of it, and visually appealing. For this reason, adaptability is one of the key web design requirements.

Firstly, mobile phones will be the focus. Clearly, no less than computers and laptops are used for surfing the Internet. Note also the browser window mode which is often used to view multiple web pages simultaneously.

From personal experience, I can say that I instantly leave 80% of non-adaptive sites because working with them is inconvenient. The exception is to have the necessary information available to me. I have to respond to that in this situation.

Motion Design:

The pace of the 21st century has made us very impatient. This also applies to find information on the internet, even if there is enough time. Therefore, users are in a state of “instant exposure” which is required information is obtained in full on one web page.

How to deliver the “motion style” implementation? One of the most trivial examples is the introduction of GIF-animations to get to know the major features of the car.

Much more effective than textual or even pictorial is this way of presenting details. For quicker loading, the benefit of gif over the video, which is also very useful when interacting with the app?

In a short time, GIFs can pass on the most complex ideas. In fact, they’ll certainly impress the consumers, allowing him to linger on the website. One of the main benefits of this is that they work in any browser and smartphone, so they will be available to all.


The technology development has led to the fact that, by default, high-quality web design involves creating more complex and dynamic elements. So we can see other immersive videos today, micro-interactions, fluid scrolling, and more.

Just one example I won’t be able to explain the whole nature of interactivity, so I suggest you get acquainted with Garbage31. This Ukrainian Team website also took the idea of “user interaction” to a new level.


Artificial intelligence contributes to the next emerging trend. Users also switch to help with all kinds of questions. As a rule, they coincide over time and the psychological response to them is becoming more and more difficult.

Chatbots are programs designed to mimic a conversation that is being developed and improved at the moment, becoming more like people. They accumulate a list of constant questions and will respond to potential users directly in the future.


Very often, the pattern is combined with white space. Minimalism is nevertheless a wider term. This includes simplifying the GUI in several ways:

  • Secret menu bar
  • Minimum of colors
  • Lack of additional graphic design information (shadows, choice of font)
  • Simple buttons
  • Others.

With the display of as few elements as possible on one page, minimalism is moving towards maximum simplification now. A good example of how minimalism is used is the Apple app.

White Space:

The use of “white” space is one of the logo design principles and an efficient means of drawing attention. Beneath white space indicates the gap between the design elements, as well as the space within certain elements of the web page (including line spacing and text stretching).

There is a misconception within the network that all white space is “empty.” This is not quite the case as you can see. There should be a clear indentation between Web design components.

It’s also important to understand that space shouldn’t be exactly white, contrary to the original name “white space.” It can be any background picture, color, texture, or even. The meaning of white space is that it does not hold any semantic importance.

Push Notifications:

A trend that is controversial enough today, but I must admit, it is gaining momentum. Viewing tech news from the web at the corner of the display when working or watching movies is uncomfortable. There’s often a benefit too. For example, a note ending tickets to your favorite band’s concert or a football game. Although it’s part of web development, it’s also UX design related.

It can block notifications, which will eliminate their annoyance. But these are also helpful rather than painful on gadgets such as a tablet or phone. Currently, most sites are requesting permission from the customer to submit updates.


Not a new mobile app growth strategy, but no substitute for it for now. When surfing the Internet, it produces a paradox of lack of time. Many people don’t want to live on the site for a long time. But most willingly spend 2, 5, or more minutes watching the relevant video.

Some Statistics:

  • 96 % of users watch videos to explore the product in more detail;
  • 79 % said that it was the video that persuaded them to buy the product;
  • 68 % said that they prefer to study new projects by watching videos rather than reading texts;
  • 94 % of PR managers said that video helps users understand the idea of a project;
  • 84 % of managers believe that the video they use helps users understand the idea of a project;


As web consumer devices and technology advances, more web designers are coming up with unique and creative works that will continue to dominate the top trends in web design in 2020 and beyond. For now, it’s a case of the eight trends detailed above, forming the cornerstones of truly amazing website design for the web user of today.

Author Bio:

Lucky Yadav is a content writer dedicated mainly to tech updates. Besides being one, he shares his experience with others sincerely and loves to be constructive that can be seen in his writing ups and posts.

8 Web Design Principles to Know in 2020

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Web Design Tips 2020 – Every sector is related to specific patterns. It relates in turn to graphic design, communications, and, of course, web design, in 2020. *Web Design Guide 2020

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