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Top 8 -3D Virtual Event Platforms for Your Next Online Events

In 2020 when various events were either postponed or canceled, businesses promptly adopted digital tools and virtual event platforms to replace their in-person events such as conferences, meetings, product launches, and even trade shows. But today the story is way more than simply hosting virtual events.

Virtual events are not just being organized seamlessly but also being converted into a remarkable experience for each attendee by using a fully customizable interface and 3D environment. Let’s read about 8 3D virtual event platforms that can help you host remarkable events and deliver life-like event experiences


It is one of the leading virtual event platforms that intend to create 360 virtual event experiences using their 3D virtual event platform which is enriched with multiple networking & engagement features that can notch up the level of your virtual events to create an impactful impression. From creating a 100% customizable interface, designing dynamic banners, keeping animated light at the lobby to including impressive GIFs, Dreamcast manages to include all of this seamlessly with the use of the right event technology and digital tools.

Its virtual platform provides multiple customizable booths that are designed to resemble actual booths of on-site events. These virtual booths offer a genuine physical event feel where you can seamlessly interact and connect with potential leads. So, if you are bored with static banners and background, you can get in touch with Dreamcast – your one-stop solution for presenting life-like event experiences.


Add a lively spark to your virtual conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, or meetings by making the most of Hexafair’s 3D virtual event venue. Right from designing excellent 3D exhibitors booths to a dynamic auditorium and lobby, Hexafair outshines each of these. Their extremely extensible, adaptable platform provides integrations with the leading software tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, SalesForce CRM, Hubspot CRM. Besides being flexible, this virtual event platform is scalable too. It can seamlessly conduct live events as well as on-demand content. They help you drive maximum attendance to your virtual events with exceptional event websites and emails created to suit your corporate branding needs.


Mootup is recognized as one of the most accessible 3D virtual event solutions. They have advanced their skills to host immersive 3D virtual events to replicate the experiences of on-site events. These virtual events can be accessed by global attendees, simply through their laptop or mobile. They also help you in creating engaging virtual exhibitor booths leveraging present content such as websites, videos, PDF, and 3D objects. All of these features can be implemented along with tracking and detailing attendee engagement.

Wondering if 3D avatars will suit your business needs or not? In that case, consider using video avatars which are an excellent feature that can move and mix with the environments similar to 3D avatars eventually, it’s your decision. Besides this, you can also make use of 360 images or video environments for your virtual meeting, whether it’s for your office, a simple factory visit, or just a fun travel purpose.

Eve Virtual

Eve virtual is a lot more than simply being a virtual event platform. It brings knowledge, innovation, bespoke customization, and any in-person event, exhibition, meeting, trade show, conference possible, and creativity with their 3D virtual event platform. They consider customization and 3D venues as their biggest strengths that can further become an excellent tool to deliver remarkable experiences to the attendees and exhibitors. The platform along with its creative unit helps in devising a customizable 3-D environment as well as easy navigation tools to leave a lasting impression on the attendees and exhibitors.


Xporium is one of the distinguished 3D virtual event platforms that have the vision to make virtual events like online exhibitions accessible for people residing in different parts of the world through the influence of event technology. Regarding virtual exhibitions, their goal is to develop a notable association of purchasers and suppliers who can connect online and make their purchases seamlessly. Like other virtual event platforms, Xporium’s venue feels and innovation is similar to a physical event.


Vmeets has a team of experts and professionals who intend to create a 3D virtual experience supported by potent tools that can help you find buyers, drive sales opportunities, and develop lasting relationships with your attendees who can probably turn out to be prospects in the near future. The platform can also create exciting and custom landing pages for the exhibitors that will comprise their company description and other relevant information.


This is an amazing 3D virtual event platform that aims to host visually astounding and extremely engaging virtual events that will stimulate impactful outcomes. Since the attendees will be spending most of their time on the platform, therefore it is important to replicate their on-site event experience to make it more memorable. For this, Air meet helps you create a completely customizable interface with attractive 3D lobby designs and virtual exhibitor booths. Another customizable feature that the platform facilitates to promote engagement is through its push notifications.


It is defined as one of the best virtual event platforms that can provide both 2D and 3D event experiences. Their virtual venue lets you create a completely new experience for attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. You just need to set up your avatar and then you are all set to experience different kinds of aspects in the 3D world.

Final Word

By now, we all have understood that the concept of virtual events is sure to stay long even after things normalize and we get back to our earlier days. When you invest in a remarkable virtual event that’s created and hosted professionally, you can later reuse and customize this professional investment for your future endeavors. Your upfront attempts will help attendees recognize that their experience on the platform is your utmost priority.

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