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5 Incredible Tips To Boost Your Search Ranking On YouTube

YouTube remains the second-largest social media platform as the users prefer to watch videos to get a clear idea. Like Google’s search engine ranking, it is essential to boost your video rank on YouTube. To make it possible, here comes YouTube SEO, a winning strategy to optimize your videos and channels on the search results. Since YouTube is the largest video platform, it makes the necessity to optimize your content.

Do you know? Over 59% of internet users prefer to watch video content. It is the place where YouTube SEO emerges. Reach your goal by driving the SEO results for your video based on the keyword, title, and description. On average, people upload 500 hours of videos every minute, making us stunning. How to win this huge competition? All you need is the perfect YouTube SEO plan to rank your video. And here, you are going to know the powerful SEO tips to boost your video rank on YouTube.

What Is YouTube SEO?

SEO is a practice of preparing highly-valuable content to rank high on the search results. A perfect SEO improves your content production and the relationship with audiences. It becomes the reason for search engines to consider your page for higher positioning on SERP.

Generally, the goal of SEO is to reach the top position of search results. Keeping this in mind, YouTube indulges in SEO to optimize their video in the view of their target audiences. Like Google, YouTube also uses a few engagement factors such as likes, comments, shares, subscribe, and dislikes. To bring your video to the search results, it is necessary to promote your YouTube channel with the best SEO practices.

How Does YouTube SEO Work?

YouTube SEO is the process of making your channel famous with your video optimization. With more than 2 billion active users, YouTube has great opportunities to drive target audiences with the video content. As a result, your video ranking raises and shows on the top searches that tend to increase your YouTube subscribers. Similar to Google, YouTube also has a ranking algorithm to determine your video on the search results. Your YouTube video ranks based on the engagement, descriptions, and title.

5 Incredible YouTube SEO Tips

Keeping the above SEO factors in mind, each YouTuber wants to optimize their video to promote their business. In this article, we are going to identify the SEO tactics that help your YouTube video to gain the top position of YouTube search results. Moreover, when you earn higher points on the YouTube algorithm, you will probably reach your video in the top position. So, let us see some of the favorable SEO tips to optimize your YouTube video.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

1. Pick The Right Keyword

Getting your content visible on the search results is becoming more competitive day by day. The first and foremost step to outrank your competitors is to identify and choose the right keyword. In YouTube, you can place the keyword only in your video title and description, which becomes the win-win SEO strategy on YouTube.

How to find the right keyword? A simple strategy to know your target keyword is to use search suggestions on YouTube. Get the related keywords in the YouTube suggestions by typing a word relevant to your video concept. An alternative way to find the keywords with exact search volume, use some of the following tools:

  • Google Ads Keyword planner
  • Ubersuggest
  • Moz Keyword Explorer

Pro Tip: Use long-tail keywords for individual videos to show your video on relevant searches.

2. Optimize Your Title And Description

After sorting out the best target keywords for your video, start to optimize your title and meta description with those keywords. People will drive into your video if it provides eye-catching information. Remember, the keyword insertion needs to be natural.

While optimizing the title for your video, ensure that it is around 60 characters because 70% of users prefer using mobiles for watching YouTube videos. An important tip is to include your primary keyword on the title for appearing your video on the top searches. Create a curiosity among your audiences with your title and increase the click-through rate. Next is the description. Give attention to your meta description since it is the only way for your audiences to know the context of your video. If your video is understandable with the content, you will get more rewards by ranking your video higher. Are there any rules in creating descriptions? Yes, take a look at the below points:

  • Use your keyword in your first sentence
  • A description of about 250 words will be fine, and if you need a longer one, you can use it.
  • Repeat your keyword at least 2-3 times depending on your character length.

3. Promote Your YouTube Videos

After creating your video with awesome content, you need to optimize it with both on-page and off-page SEO strategies to maximize your video discoverability. Build quality links to increase engagement rate and promote your videos on other channels. When your YouTube video reaches wider audiences, more people will tend to like, share, and comment on your content if it looks interesting. Ensure whether your video drives the maximum attention of your target audiences. Cross-promote your video on other social media channels to make your video popular. Also, the publishing time of your video is important. Know the best time based on your audience’s availability and post it to outrank your competitions. Reach your existing audiences by either publishing a blog with your YouTube link or reaching them individually with your video link.

4. Optimize Your YouTube Channel

Making your YouTube channel familiar to your target audiences is necessary to make your brand more popular. The YouTube SEO for your video provides necessary information about your business. To do so, write a well-informative description with a focus keyword that tells visitors what your channel is exactly about. Avoid too long descriptions. A short and eye-catching content avoids people to skip your channel. Also, start utilizing the playlists on YouTube. Playlists provide excessive views for your video and take your video to success. It keeps audiences on your channel by automatically playing the videos one after the other.

5. Customize Thumbnail Image

Thumbnail is the crucial part of a YouTube channel that opens up your video visibility with eye-catching images. The first thing that a user looks at the result of searches on YouTube is the thumbnail. Having a strong thumbnail for your video increases the watch time and provides a greater impact on the YouTube ranking. To attract your target audiences, create a unique thumbnail that grabs the audience’s attention. Remember, your thumbnail needs to be more relevant to your video, which keeps your audiences for a longer time. Achieve success with more video views on YouTube by creating an attractive thumbnail and standing ahead from your competitors.

Final Thought

YouTube becomes a pathway for businesses to gain popularity with some of the SEO tips. Always create engaging content to drive audience attention and win the SEO strategy with more video views. While creating a video for your YouTube channel, consider all the SEO strategies mentioned above to stand out from your competition and rank higher on YouTube searches. Finally, grow audiences for your business by optimizing your YouTube video with the perfect SEO plan!

Alice Jacqueline is a creative writer. Alice is the best article author, social media, and content marketing expert. Alice is a writer by day and ready by night. Find her on Twitter and on Facebook!

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