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5 Growth Hacking Practices to Boost Your App

Building the user base of your mobile app is the one most essential part of successful mobile app development. Let me clear: whatever the monetization strategy you follow, its the application that users will pay for it.

According to research – the cost per install in November 2015 for IOS enhanced 40% from $1.10 – $1.54, where android boasted an astonishing 101% from $1.13 – $2.27 per year. With a cost-per-install that is regularly rising every year, the app publishers should get more creative along with their marketing endeavors.

Once you’ve launched your app successfully, you will know the 5 most looked growth hacks to enhance downloads while having a small budget.

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Let’s discuss the 5 Growth Hacking Strategies to Enhance Your App Downloads

1. Paid to Free Campaign

It’s a sort of campaign that I’ve run lots of times and also it’s driven a broad range of downloads on numerous occasions. In case you don’t know much about the paid to the free campaign, its a place where you can build a paid application accessible for free for some years.

When you’ve got a free application, you can create one of your in-application purchases free. But, the in-application purchase should be a non-consumable sort. It implies that the product was purchased once by customers and doesn’t expire or decrease with the utilization. For instance, novel race tracks for the game should be integrated as non-consumable products.

It’s essential to note down that getting media coverage is important to make an effective campaign. I usually provide a big site like BGR or AppAdvice on the free campaign. This can enhance the chances that the site can cover the price alteration.

2. App Store Optimization

Basically, there are two most important elements of your app store listing page, which can boost your app downloads – In-App Purchases and Reviews.

There words, which are in your application store reviews – that left by your customers and in-app purchases. They’re all indexed by the iOS app store and Google Play Store. If you’ve targeted subsequent keywords in both sections, it will help you discover a gigantic boost in your app downloads.

3. Localization

There’re 28 sections in the App Store, and every nation has its own Mobile App Store. This would be native to consider the world just searches for applications in English. Actually, some users will read and discover the App Store in the native language.

Either your application is created for a particular region; take your time to localize the application in each language. You’ll never know who can find your app helpful.

4. The Elite Techniques for Public Relations

By utilizing the elite techniques, we’ve secured coverage on SocialTimes, BGR, TechCrunch and AppAdvice.

What is it? You provide a huge publication the initial right to distribute your announcement: funding, update, product release, etc. Big websites love to get an exclusive since it implies that they’ll be the very first to compose an announcement. It basically leads to another big site and linking back as the source.

This is a win-win technique because they will get Backlinks and traffic as well as you will get the coverage. The main key is to succeed in this technique, which is to begin early. You have to start diving about two weeks prior to the release of your app. You only have to pitch the elite to one publication at a moment and ensure to follow up just for once. In case you don’t hear back, then you may go to the next publication.

5. App Store Function Hacks

There are some essential techniques that I have utilized to enable various customers to get featured via Apple. But, before doing all this, you must know what Apple is actually looking for in the application?

I hope these 5 growth hack strategies and practices will help you to increase your app downloads. By following these strategies your app can rapidly grow at a faster pace.

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Being a Co-Founder & CEO of an award-winning iPad Game Development Company – Fluper, Anshul Sharma takes care of business growth through new client acquisition and management of ongoing client relationships. Anshul has helped lots of businesses to set new standards in service quality by constantly keeping clients’ finest interests in mind and offering surprising consumer service.

5 Growth Hacking Practices to Boost Your App

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Boost Your App – Building the user base of your mobile app is the one most essential part of successful mobile app development. *Increase App Downloads *Increase App Store Ranking

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