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Evolve Nation: HEBA ALI Specializes In Hybrid Training

HEBA ALI specializes in Hybrid Training:

A combination of functional strength training and power lifting. Heba uses her passion for fitness to change people’s lives; improving their mental and physical health. Join Heba’s Nation. Twitter: Heba Ali

Heba Ali Biography:

I chase the hard work, I push people to change their lives- to step out on a journey and to never look back. A journey that will cause you to look deeply inside yourself and find what you’re truly made of. Most people begin t change but give up to quickly. Because they became uncomfortable. You must sacrifice some of the things you love and many people won’t understand that. The myth that women shouldn’t life heavy came from the same women who were afraid to work hard.

There is absolutely nothing I am afraid of; anything you want in life you have to go after, chase it down and be aggressive. Focus on what you want and never let anyone make you feel like your goals are meaningless. I dream with my eyes wide open. As soon as I see it in my mind I physically act upon it. I am independent by nature, driven to be the best. Ask yourself why not? Why not be the VERY best that the world has ever seen? You set the bar, and set it high. If you believe in it, act upon it and it will show. I can be all things because I have no limits.

Work-Out Video:

It’s training sessions like this that keep me MOTIVATED and addicted to the grind. If you don’t feel DEAD by the end of your training, did you even workout? TO everyone that’s putting in work day in and day out and feeling the struggle: Hard. Work. Always. Pays. Off. KEEP GOING. I’ve come a long way with my lateral jumps but there’s nothing more invigorating than watching yourself progress and seeing more room for improvements. That’s excitement without it training would be BORING.

Training WILL never become easier you’ll just condition your mind to enjoy the process. And once you get closer to this acceptance and mindset you’ll become unstoppable because rough training days will no longer discourage you…they will excite you. PS, this was at the end of my 2 hour training, so if I can push through so can you. Remember this the next time you’re struggling mid-set. NOW GO WORKOUT AND KILL IT.

Heba Ali Trainer : Wonder Woman in Real Life 🙂

Evolve Nation: HEBA ALI Specializes In Hybrid Training

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HEBA Ali is an expert in hybrid weight training, she uses her obsession for her muscle training at the gym. She is also helping people in epic training online videos. Join Heba’s Evolve Nation.

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