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5 Most Fashionable Tennis Players

The world goes through many changes, and Mother Nature herself causes the majority. However, with the mushroom growth of the world’s population, things are changing a little more frequently than before. In the human world, fashion is one of those main factors that have taken over the people of trendsetters and trend followers.

Every celebrity, whether they are actors or actresses, models, journalists, and also sports stars’ keep their wardrobes up to date. These are the people the world looks upon as icons of fashion. They are the ones who set the trend and make millions follow their footsteps. People look up to them to stay updated about the latest trends and newest incoming fashion.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak,” all the fashion gurus stay conscious of the attire that defines them. By observing the dressing sense of others, one can quickly judge the person. Our dressing sense tells how much attention we pay to details to look presentable and attractive.

People who wear shabby clothing are most often considered having no fashion sense and not paid any heed. However, those who pay great attention to their attire are always caught everyone’s attention. Everyone admires well-dressed people as they are also a source of motivation for others to dress well.

As observed, we see many celebrities making it on the covers of fashion magazines with their fantastic sense of style. People yearn to dress like them. They get inspired to be like them, look as presentable as they look.

Sportsmen and women are often perceived as less fashionable, but that is not the case! Tennis players are especially highlighted as they are versatile celebrities who are not only good with a racket, but they follow every trend. Even the ritzy tennis shoes of the players show how classy they are. There is no reason to stay away from it as millions are watching you.

Here are the top 5 most fashionable tennis players we have listed down below!

Daniela Hantuchova

Top on the list, Daniela Hantuchova, she is one of those rare athletes who can nail the model-poses. If there is anyone who can rock the red carpet and a sports match, it’s her. You will never catch her slacking when it comes to fashion.

Her fashion game is on point with the right shoes, elegant dress, gorgeous makeup, she is bound to turn heads. As surprising is her game, her sense of style is just as incredible. She is definitely one of a kind!

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

“Fashionista” here has always wowed everyone with his fashion sense. He ranks highest in the most fashionable sports star in any athlete! Tsonga knows how to carry every attire; whether it is sophisticated suits or casual wear, he slays them all.

He’s one of those rare gems who can nail the broad-room look and the occasional look without any trouble. Be it the red carpet, a casual dinner outside, or the runway, his sense of style is as strong as can be.

Serena Williams

Besides being a Grand Slam champion, she is as fierce in the fashion world as she is in the tennis court. A sports celebrity who has her clothing line, she is definitely one of the hottest fashionistas in the game. What can one expect from Serena in fashion? Well, her style shows it crystal clear what could be expected from her. The tennis star has demonstrated that she rules every domain possible.

Roger Federer

This man has an iconic mature fashion style that only some can slay when they hit a certain number. From living through the wild long hair and jock looks to looking polished and formal in casual wear. He has undeniably come a long way in this trendy world.

His style is simple but classy, sophisticated enough to look stylish in whatever he wears. A tennis player who can rock both the long hair jock styles and the chic style as well as informal? What more could the fashionistas want to be inspired by an icon?

Maria Sharapova

Miss Sharapova here has always caught the eye of the media with her incredible style. While she’s the tallest player, she not only stands out because of her height. She takes full advantage of her lean, long legs by wearing miniskirts and trendy tops. She knows how to play with fashion, opting to stay both sides of masculine and feminine to balance her style.


Fashion is a field where everyone can rule, either they are actors, actresses, sports stars, and even ordinary people. What one needs is a catchy, sophisticated, and attractive sense of style to turn heads towards them.

It’s not always necessary that it’s still a model who knows how to take care of her wardrobe. These tennis players have proved that they too can keep up with the trends wowing us all. Fashion is for everyone, ruled by everyone. For more players updates you can simply click on

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