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Wonder Woman: Diana Lifts a Tank in Wonder Woman’s New RealD Poster

Wonder Woman advertisement has started with a bang as a new RealD poster steals all the glances in which she is lifting a tank. The 6 new clips of the movie recently gave us our best scenes of the movie yet, enlightening its broad range of action, drama, and humor. While different posters have flacked the film’s various stars, including Chris Pine (Steve Trevor), Gal Gadot (Diana Price), as well as Robin Wright (General Antiope). Still, among all, what appears to exhilarate fans the most is watching the Amazon Princess posing with her glory all wrapped up.

Wonder Woman New Poster

The new poster here publicizing the film’s run in 3D, though, might just be their best poster till now. In it not just does Wonder Woman look tough and beautiful as before, but she also signifies her powerful trait in a way no one has ever seen. The image certainly justifies its purpose of promotion of RealD 3D, since Diana is undeniably large and in charge.

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