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New Hydra Armor of Captain America Has Been Revealed

A man is known by his clothing, even when that man is actually Captain America dominating the Earth in the stance of Hydra. Keeping ethics and morals aside, pulling a twist such as Secret Empire of Marvel without giving Steve Rogers a brand new outfit seems like nothing. One that the producer has now fixed by disclosing the official first appearance at Secret Empire #10, the last issue of the contrived event series, displaying Steve Rogers in his splendid new Hydra-fied armor on the cover. Let’s start the speculation.

Some might question if it’s even appropriate that Steve Rogers should carry on bearing the famous ‘Captain America’ emblem on his ruling apparel, since the star and ‘A’ representation are a strong depiction from his real, Nazi-hating role. But if neither Marvel, nor Nick Spencer, the writer, have kept away from the controversy to this point, it just adds up for Steve Rogers to do what he wants, too. Even though the costume rears some big queries for followers.

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