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Vkind App: Your Ultimate Gateway to the Thriving Vegan Market!



Although vegan and plant-based lifestyles are booming, accessing the vegan market has often been challenging for both businesses and consumers. Thankfully, the Vkind App is here to revolutionize the way we connect, discover, and support vegan enterprises worldwide.

Unlocking the Vegan Market

For vegan brands, accessing their specific consumer market has often been challenging. Limited visibility and the absence of a dedicated platform meant that many outstanding vegan enterprises struggled to gain the recognition they deserved. At the other end of the equation, vegan and veg-curious consumers faced difficulties discovering and accessing various plant-based products and services. In large part, this is because the traditional market couldn’t keep up with the demands and preferences of the ever-increasing vegan community. But now, these challenges are becoming a thing of the past.

Seamless Business-Consumer Connection

The Vkind app is a game changer, efficiently connecting vegan businesses, plant-based enthusiasts, and those curious about the vegan lifestyle worldwide. With over 4,000 vegan-only enterprises featured, this app is a haven for vegan businesses and consumers alike. It offers a one-stop solution for those finding a new plant-powered restaurant, a trusted vegan doctor, a compassionate realtor, or any other vegan professional.

Embracing the VegEconomy

By bringing businesses and consumers together, Vkind actively contributes to building the VegEconomy a plant-based socio-economic ecosystem fostering innovation, research, and development of innovative products. Proceeds are then reinvested in compassionate businesses, empowering the vegan community and driving positive change. To further support the VegEconomy, Vkind is launching a one-of-a-kind travel-based app with an all-vegan itinerary. For vegans and other conscious consumers, this app promises to be a lifesaver when planning eco-friendly, plant-based trips. The team expects to release the app by the end of this year… stay tuned!

Discover, Connect, & Engage

The Vkind app offers a user-friendly experience, empowering you to explore the vast directory of vegan businesses, brands, and professionals that align with your values. Chef Deena raves about the app, saying, “Love this app! It shows me all the vegan spots near and far!” Shawn Robison, another Vkind user, describes it as an “awesome resource to find plant-based businesses!” You can easily find the perfect vegan options with the location-based search feature. Plus, each listing provides detailed information, including contact details, photos, and maps. Moreover, in-app reviews and photos from the Vkind community ensure you get trusted recommendations.

Fostering Community

But that’s not all! The Vkind app goes beyond connecting businesses and consumers to foster a sense of community. Without even leaving the app, it allows you to send direct messages to businesses and other community members. Brands are able to quickly respond if you send a message with a query, need pricing details, or want to support a local vegan business.

Stay Informed & Inspired

The Vkind App keeps you updated with the latest news, trends, and happenings in the vegan world through its in-app social media feed. For example, kick back and watch the first all-vegan cast cooking competition show, “Peeled.” Or, engage with up-to-the-minute statuses, photos, videos, and travel updates to stay connected with the vibrant vegan community.

More Than Just an App

Vkind is a force driving the vegan movement forward. By breaking barriers, connecting businesses and consumers, and fueling the growth of the VegEconomy, it opens up a world of endless vegan possibilities. Say goodbye to the challenges of traditional markets and hello to a plant-powered future. Download the Vkind App and embark on your journey towards a more compassionate and sustainable world.

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