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Lens on the Ranch: Unveiling Matt Jacob’s Evocative Project ‘The Cowboy’

Cowboys have always fired up our imagination. Riding their way into our hearts through movies, stories, and the allure of the Wild West. However, most of us have no idea how a regular day at a ranch goes by besides the camera life.

That said, Matt Jacob, a cultural portrait photographer, has taken it upon himself to show us how real cowboys work through his artistic lens. Instead of a romanticized version, he took a leap into the real world of ranching. His project, ‘The Cowboy,’ takes us on a ride into the world of modern-day cowboys and their lives.

Matt aimed to uncover the layers that make up a cowboy’s life. His lens found its focal point in the Button family, proud ranchers from the Button Cattle Co. in Kanab, Utah. He spent time with them and observed their life from a front-row seat to see how they’ve been sustaining their family and community for generations.

His project was about understanding the nuts and bolts of ranching. He acknowledges that the image he held since childhood was only a fraction of the whole story. The Button family showed him the ropes and gave him a backstage pass to the challenges and sheer dedication it takes to keep their legacy alive.

His camera captured that ranching isn’t all sunsets and open fields; there are real challenges to this lifestyle instead. His camera portrayed the look on their faces, the furrowed brows, and the dripping sweat that showed the tough life of the ranch.

In Matt’s pictures, you can see the farm’s beauty, the colorful sunsets, horses in motion, tight reins in hands, and the close-knit cowboy family, all captured perfectly in the moment. He succeeded in weaving a visual journey that takes us to the heart of the ranch, where the past and present intersect.

Upon sharing his experience, Matt said, “Thank you to Danny and the Button family for extending their generosity and kindness to spend time with me and allowing me to photograph them. It was an inspiration to see how hard they work and how much dedication they have to their cause.”

Behind those images, he captured the everyday reality of ranching, a world of hats and horses. As you look at his photographs, you’ll find that the cowboy persona is not an illusion it’s actually a heritage, a livelihood, and a story of resilience that needs to be heard. And Matt’s lenses pulled out these realities straight out of it.

So, if you are looking for a glimpse beyond the silver screen, then check out ‘The Cowboy’ on Matt’s official website.

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