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Simple Way To Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S8 has got an impressively massive screen, which makes it highly inviting and attractive. It has been celebrated bride since it was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress. It is a far better version than its previous models, and it has completely overshadowed its predecessor regarding quality and specifications.

When newly bought with any carrier, the phone is most likely locked with that mobile service provider, and you need to get it unlocked. Unlocking the phone will enable you to use the SIM cards provided by other network service providers, which becomes imperative if you have bought the phone from your carrier. It is not so difficult to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S8. In this write-up, you will be enlightened on how to do that.

Options to unlock your phone

You can unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 phone either through IMEI method or by software method. Both approaches will be discussed briefly here.

To unlock your phone via the IMEI method, you need first to write down the IMEI of the phone, which can be obtained by dialing *#06#.  You can then contact any of the outlets that offer unlock services. Such services are rarely free. is a reliable service provider in this regard.  You will be provided with the unlock code for the phone. You can only enter the code after inserting the new SIM card. Besides to that you can also use the software unlocking method. But this approach is not recommended as it may damage your device or void your warranty if not doing properly.

How to get the unlock code?

You can get the unlock code, mentioned above, from your mobile carrier and also from an online website. You can visit to obtain the code, which is one of the most reliable sites for this purpose; they have been operating for a good length of time. You can also contact your mobile carrier for the code. Keep in mind that your mobile carrier may not charge you a dime for the code, while the online websites will likely charge you for the code.

Steps to unlock your phone

The steps to unlock your phone are highlighted below:

  • Once you get the unlock code, Slot in the new SIM card you want to use on the phone, which is essential so as to be able to use the code.
  • Afterwards, restart your phone and it will show the message like “SIM Network Unlock Pin”
  • Type in the code given and press “Unlock” button
  • In the few moments your phone will show “Unlock Successful” Message and it is now ready to use with any carrier.


As hinted earlier, there are different ways to unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 you can either link up with your carrier or use any third party service provider, which had explained earlier. However, we focus more on the carrier service method since it gives you the opportunity to unlock the phone for free. Before patronizing any online website for the purpose, make sure such websites are reliable like or You will be better off when you deal with those sites that have been around for long; they are more reliable than newly established ones.

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