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How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy A5 – 2017

I have always said that there is no better way to unlock a phone than using an unlock code. This is because unlocking your phone with an unlock code will mean no foreign software and your phone will work as it should. So can you unlock a Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) with an unlock code? If you own such a device, then yes, you can. Here is a simple guide on how to unlock Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) with an unlock code.


First, you’ll have to select an authentic website that offers unlock codes services for phones. Look through to find out if your phone is among their samples. You can often talk to the care using real time pop ups and side bars. However, if you find your type of phone on the search bar, don’t waste your time, move to the second step.


Choose this website as your channel to work with. You don’t have to check the price they charge for unlocking as that will be sent to you after you provide the details of your phone. Then you can now select the country and the service provider that your Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) phone is locked to.


Having found all that; you can then send in the IMEI of your Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) to the experts. This will offer you a quick prompt to check out their terms and conditions before proceeding. Most people don’t know how to get their phone’s IMEI. To find the IMEI to your Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) simply key in *#06# on your device and press sends when done. This automatically prompts the IMEI.


Now the best websites such as will ask you to enter your name and also your valid email address in order to complete the order. When done, a confirmation email is usually sent to you and this is only after they have received the payment they asked you to send in.


The confirmation email received is instantly followed by the unlock code on your email. The unlock codes are often 8 or 16 digit numbers.  In case they are not of that type they could be a complete set of codes. For codes you only need the first one (NCK).


You can complete the process by inserting the SIM card of the network that you choose to use with your Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) and entering the unlock code once the phone prompts the request. This unlocks your phone instantly and allows it to access all local and international networks.

The best thing about unlocking your phone using codes is that you don’t allow the entry of any foreign software in the phone. Additionally, you can access all networks without having to withstand the extremely high roaming charges.

Above all that, you can also cash in on your phone anytime the deal is good. You will have higher bargaining power as your phone will be functioning efficiently. This is quite memorable for users that are looking at traveling a lot.

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