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How to Unlock Your iPhone 7 Carrier Lock

You flaunt your latest iPhone 7 and why not, it is one of the must-have costly devices that a layperson can only dream of. however did you know that iPhone 7 is protected to a carrier who may accuse you exorbitantly, not provide excellent service and you can do nothing about it.

This is a problem that need to be addressed in the iPhone 7 series. The solution lies in unlocking and the trick is to find ways and means of unlocking the carrier lock to enable you to actually switch to a network that is better in terms of cost and service. Unlocking assumes even more importance while travelling overseas, as the charges of dedicated carrier can punch a hole in your pocket.

To unlock your iPhone 7 safely and permanently to get rid of the Apple designated carrier, you need to know the ways and means to do it. This will enable you to choose your carrier and use your phone the way you like it.

What is iPhone 7 locking?

What Apple has done is to lock its iPhone 7 to a particular carrier that you have no control over and cannot change. You are forced to opt for any other carrier and pay whatever this carrier chooses to charge and provide services at its whims and fancies. You, in other words, become its captive customers without your consent.

How can iPhone 7 be unlocked?

To begin with, there are 3 methods of unlocking an iPhone that has been developed over the years. These methods are – software unlocking, hardware unlocking and IMEI unlocking. Unfortunately, the former two don’t work. Software unlocking exploited a loophole in iPhone 3 to switch to the owner’s desired network. But after Apple identified this loophole and closed it, this method doesn’t work anymore.

Hardware unlocking was done by opening up the iPhone and manually unlocking it by playing with its hardware. This method is unreliable, since its success rate is only 30%. It is dangerous too, if by chance it does not work, your warranty will be completely void. This risk with an iPhone 7 is difficult to take.

The only safe and effective method to unlock iPhone 7 is IMEI unlock, also called factory unlock. As you are already aware, an IMEI is the unique identifying code for identifying your iPhone. This code is different for each and every iPhone device and is stored in Apple database. Among other things, the database also indicates whether your iPhone is locked to a particular network.

Once you initiate an IMEI unlock, the status of your iPhone changes and it gets unlocked from a particular network on the Apple database. This is the only safe and effective way to unlock your iPhone 7. It is also a permanent solution that does not void your warranty.

Thus, IMEI unlock iPhone 7 is the recommended method for getting released from the clutches of the Apple designated network.

Important points

It should be noted that it is easiest to unlock your iPhone 7 when it is new and has not been set up yet. This is because the unlock process is incorporated in the setup procedure.

In case your iPhone 7 is already setup, then you will need to restore it with iTunes to unlock it. The other procedure remains the same.


Your prized iPhone 7 is an expensive device, but Apple has added to your expenses in the form of a dedicated carrier. IMEI unlocking is the only way to switch to your favorite carrier and still flaunt your iPhone 7.

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