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Richard Lee: Transforming Athlete Management as the Licensed FIFA Agent of RPM



Football is where every move counts, every contract is a battlefield, and every decision can change a player’s destiny. However, behind this game, the late-night strategy sessions, the nail-biting transfer windows, and the behind-the-scenes hustle often go unnoticed.

Imagine navigating this high-stakes world with someone who’s faced the pressure, heard the crowd’s roars, and knows the game inside out. Meet Richard Lee, a former Premier League goalkeeper turned Licensed FIFA Agent a Voice of Goalkeeping with credibility, expertise, and commitment to upholding the game’s highest standards.

Who is Richard Lee?

Richard’s journey spans from guarding the goalposts to protecting players’ interests. He is not simply another suited executive in the boardroom but an actual footballer at heart. Through Refuel Performance Management (RPM), Richard channeled his on-field passion into creating a game-changing agency.

Old Tactics, New Goals

The world of football agencies has been a mixed bag. Although many agents operate accordingly, stories of questionable deals and secretive negotiations have tainted the reputation of the game. But Richard had a unique strategy in mind. With RPM, he aimed to bring fresh air to the scene.

RPM: Not Your Average Agency

RPM is sealing the deal by building relationships. It’s about understanding a player’s dreams, fears, and aspirations. And Richard gets it. He’s been there. He’s felt the adrenaline, the pressure, the highs and the lows. With RPM, he ensures players get more than just a contract and become part of a family.

Player Testimonials

Players under RPM’s wing have nothing but praise for the agency. “With RPM, it felt personal. They weren’t just looking at the numbers; they were looking out for me,” shares one player. Another adds, “In a world where you’re often just a statistic, RPM made me feel valued.”

Statistics support this: RPM’s retention rate is off the charts, and with a hand in over 40 goalkeeping transfers in 2023 alone, they’re not just playing the game; they’re acing it.

The Last Word

Ultimately, in the realm of football, off-field strategies are as crucial as on-field plays. Every decision, negotiation, and handshake holds significance in this world. Richard Lee, with his distinctive combination of on-field expertise and off-field acumen, introduces a novel perspective to athlete management. “It’s my goal to be sat at a World Cup final watching two of my clients in goal.” – Richard Lee.

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