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Top Ways Your Breath Can Help You Understand Health Issues

Having bad breath is something that the majority of people dread. In fact, most people have quickly breathed into their hands to check their breath before meeting someone important. But, knowing whether you have bad breath or not does more than save you from embarrassing social situations, it can also help you to identify an array of health issues.

Once you realize that detecting bad breath can actually help to save your life, you probably won’t hesitate to book your next appointment with a reputable dentist Five Dock. Of course, medical issues aren’t the only cause of bad breath, you should rule out the other causes first:

  • Debris stuck in your teeth
  • The aroma from the food you’ve eaten, such as onion and garlic
  • Poor dental hygiene – failing to brush daily
  • Dry mouth – caused by a variety of things
  • Infections, especially if you have tooth decay or gum disease
  • Treating acid reflux – a side-effect of the medication is bad breath

Let’s take a look at the health issues you could be facing if you have bad breath

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is normally confirmed by a biopsy or even an ultrasound. However, your breath will smell if you have lung cancer thanks to the volatile organic compounds given off by cancerous cells. These can be detected and this may be the better way to confirm the presence of lung cancer.

Heart Problems

Cardiovascular issues are commonplace in older people, especially those that are inactive or overweight. Poor lifestyle choices increase your chances of cardiovascular issues but this doesn’t mean it is true. In contrast, bad breath can actually be a sign that you have heart disease. Taking a breath sample allows the technician to detect molecular and chemical compounds generally produced when the heart is struggling.


Diabetes can cause blood sugar levels to rise dramatically or fall, both can result in serious complications and even death. Although diabetes is becoming increasingly common, many people don’t realize they have it. But, if you have fruity breath, you should get checked out. It’s a sign that your blood sugar levels are high and you may have diabetes.

Kidney Failure

It’s normal to have fishy breath after eating seafood, especially some types of seafood. However, if you have fishy breath and you have eaten seafood, your body may be telling you there is an issue with your kidneys. The kidneys are vital to your health, they filter toxins out of your body and expel them in your urine. If they aren’t working properly then toxins aren’t removed. These can build up in your body and cause organ failure in various organs across your body. If you have a fishy breath without a good reason, get yourself checked over by a doctor.


Allergies cause your airways to become inflamed, this often leads to a side-effect of bad breath. It’s normal as bacteria are in your lungs and respiratory system fighting the infection. The good news is the bad breath will go once you’ve beaten the infection.

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