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Top Group Games For 5-8 year Old Kids

Are you organizing a kid’s party and wondering how you can keep the kids engaged for less of a ruckus? Then you have surely come to the right place. Kids, especially the ones in the 5-8-year-old age bracket, are inquisitive and love to explore on their own.

This can be both good and bad – good as it provides learning and bad because it might pose a danger to the kids’ safety. Hence, the need to keep kids engaged in front of your eyes. Moreover, wouldn’t you want to be known as the star organizer of the party so that the kids would love you? Thus, we bring you the top group games ideal for 5-8-year-old kids.

The Top Picks:

  1. Charades: You just can’t beat the classics and Charades, is one of the two classic party games for kids we have listed here. Ideal for all age groups, it is one of the best group games which will surely keep all the kids at your party completely engrossed and engaged. You don’t necessarily have to go for acting out movies or books- you can even act out on themes or ask the players to imitate someone. Even though charades become noisy after a point in time, a well-planned one can be a lot of fun for sure! Combine it with a good kids play kitchen and you can teach your kids the basic kitchen etiquettes as well.
  1. Musical chairs: Musical chairs or better known as Trip to Jerusalem, is a popular kids’ game that involves some music, chairs (one less than the number of players), and a lot of fun! The music will be played, and all the players will go around the chairs- as soon as the music is stopped, everyone will rush to get a seat and get seated except for one player who will then be eliminated. After a player is eliminated, their chair will be removed to ensure that the number of chairs is always one less than the number of players. A fun and exciting game, it is safe to play for 5-8-year-old kids and you can be assured that the kids would love to play it again!
  2. Blind man’s bluff: If you are having an outdoor party or event, there is no better game to keep the kids in one place and make them enjoy their time than by playing Blind man’s bluff. In the beginning, you can ask any kid to volunteer and be blindfolded. The kid will now be thrown off the scent by making him spin around a few times. He will then have to go around and tag his friends. If the tag becomes successful, he can then pass on the blindfold to the tagged kid who would repeat the process. As you can imagine, it does spawn a lot of giggles and noise all around, but it is surely one hell of an exciting game!
  3. Cat n Mouse: If there is one game that will help you make sure that all the children are paying attention, they are completely engaged and are enjoying the party game. As the name suggests, the game is all about the chase where some of the kids will make a circle, standing only so close that they can hold their hands together. Without holding hands for the beginning, two of the kids will become the cat and the mouse. The cat would chase the mouse through the spaces between other kids, and the cat has to take the same path as the mouse while chasing. As soon as both of the pass-through that space, space gets closed by holding hands and the game carries on till the mouse is caught or one of them is trapped inside.
  4. Fish for prizes!: Kids love to get prizes, and when it is as easy as fishing for the prize load, the excitement doubles up! Collect small prizes such as pens, pencils, notepads, game cards, and keep them in a small empty artificial pond or on a rug, with each of them having a small magnet taped to them. Each kid will get a separate fishing rod to try and ‘fish’ for the gifts or prizes out there. Whoever catches or gets the most of the biggest prize, wins the game along with the prizes fished!
  5. Pass the Parcel: Again a classic, pass the parcel is quite simple and yet remains one of the most engaging group games. As you might have played the same in your childhood, pass the parcel involves some music, and the parcel will be passed around among kids till the music stops. Whoever holds the parcel when the music stops, will have to do some activity like dance, sing or tell a joke/story. There are no winners and no losers –just happy kids and great moments.

Whenever you are planning group games for 5-8-year-old kids, remember – it is all about fun and safety, both are equally important.

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