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The Purpose of the Resume

How to design your resume goal, accomplishments, and work experience.

Step 1. Photos, contacts, and personal information

The first thing the employer should see – full name, patronymic, the surname of the applicant. Here are also the contact information: phone, email, social networking address, address of residence, and place of residence. The photo in the resume is placed at the beginning of the page, preferably in a corner. If the resume is in writing, the photo can be attached to the document with a staple or stapler. The printed version is easier – the photo is inserted directly into the document. The photo should be simple, in a business suit. It is not allowed to take a photo from a holiday or a party with other people present.

Surname, first name, patronymic should be written in the center. The employer should see at once how to address the applicant and whose questionnaire he is holding in his hands. It is necessary to indicate the telephone number that will always be available for contact. In addition, you may indicate the desired salary.

Step 2. The purpose of the resume

There may be several open positions in the company, so the employer must immediately identify the candidate to a particular category. It is not always wise to specify several positions. However, if the job seeker certainly wants to get into the company of interest, you can put in an additional position for which he is willing to accept.

Step 3. Your accomplishments

The candidate should list what he/she achieved professionally. This is especially important if he is applying for a management position. The employer wants to see how the candidate meets the corporate requirements, whether he has the skills necessary for the job.

List achievements in the resume should take into account the vacant position. First of all, the manager looks at whether the candidate’s qualifications are suitable for the job. If a salesperson is to be hired, the skills should relate to this specialty. You can specify related professions related to trade, if any, for example, supply manager, cashier. It is more convenient to list the skills and achievements in a list so that the hiring manager immediately highlights the main ones.

How to describe achievements:

  • Increased sales by 20%.
  • Reduced staff turnover by 15%.
  • Reduced equipment costs by 25%.

It is important to give specific numbers. However, they should be truthful. The employer can call the previous place of work and clarify how honestly the job seeker reported his achievements.

You should not write on your resume:

  • Participated in project development.
  • Increased sales.

The employer needs specifics so he can see what the job seeker is capable of. Unspecified accomplishments don’t say anything about the job seeker, just that he or she has been involved in something.

Step 4. Work experience and job duties

There are general requirements for a resume that is worth following. The listing of work experience on the resume is in reverse order, that is, the position in which the applicant worked at the last job comes first. The description is made with dates, position, job duties. The reason for leaving is also given. It is desirable to specify contacts of previous supervisors so that the employer can verify the information provided and ask for a reference from the previous job. It is worth contacting the previous place of work and warning them that they may be called to verify the data.

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