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Smart Gadgets to Keep Your Property Safe

The phrase ‘home security typically generates ideas of burglar alarms and deadlocks. But thanks to smart technology, home security is quickly being brought into the 21st century. The rising cost in properties, in addition to the plethora of technological devices per household, means that homes may now require innovative, new safety systems that operate more efficiently and sophisticated than outdated bolt locks and key chains.

As of today, there is a huge and ever-growing market of property-protecting gadgets, offering limitless ways to ensure the safety of your property remains a priority- whether you are in the property, or the home is vacant. Easily installed and requiring nothing more than a tablet or smartphone to operate, the assumption that protecting your home with smart technology is costly is simply untrue, and the possibilities of the technology are endless. Additionally, properties that feature smart home security devices are becoming sought after on the property market due to their desirability. So, if you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast, or if you’re ready to upgrade the safety of your property, here are our top 6 items that you need.

Gadget #1- Video Doorbells:

Answering the door late at night or if you live alone is always a risk to your safety, as actively opening the door presents intruders with easier access. To ensure that you have the highest safety for your front door, investing in a video doorbell is key. Smart video doorbells enable you to monitor your front door area from anywhere in the world- simply by connecting via an app on your tablet, smartphone, or laptop. A trigger will be sent to your device which will alert you as to when someone approaches your house or rings the doorbell. The ability to hear, and even converse with visitors via the app gives peace of mind as to who is at the front door. Even more advanced, are video doorbells that provide facial recognition technology- meaning that if a face is recognized by the system, you won’t be alerted if they are simply taking the bins out.

Gadget #2- Smart Home Systems:

Consisting of motion sensors and security cameras, smart home systems can be built to your required needs- installing as many or as little as you desire. Similar to the video doorbell, various entrance and exit points of the property can be monitored via smartphone, in addition to receiving alerts if anything is left unlocked- and even being able to speak through the monitors to stop unwelcome visitors dead in their tracks. Completely personalized, the system can be altered to your circumstances. Lights, flashes, music, and a recording CCTV system can be added to your home system if requested.

Gadget #3- Keyless Smart Lock:

Keyless locks are a perfect addition to garages and guest homes. Using digit codes instead of a key system, most keyless smart locks offer up to eight user codes for various family members, as well as one master code. With the aim of deterring intruders from picking locks or copying key cuts, keyless smart locks also offer camouflage options- meaning you can enter fake digits in between real digits of your code to prevent prying eyes.

Gadget #4- GPS Tracker for Vehicles:

The focus on home safety sometimes dismisses keeping your vehicles safe- or knowing where they are at all times. Therefore, investing in a GPS tracker for your vehicle is a great gadget for vehicle security. Connecting to your car’s OBD port, the tracker transmits live updates up to once per minute, in addition to typical car updates such as speed and harsh braking. Even if the car is turned off or the tracker is completely unplugged, the device will continue to transmit its location for a considerable amount of time- which could be useful if your car is stolen and dumped.

Gadget #5- Wireless Smart Lighting:

More often than not, homes are targeted for robberies based on the property’s “lack of occupancy”. This basically means criminals tend to target homes that look empty, and one way they look for this is to see whether home lights are on. Leaving your lights on is a simple way to deter burglars, but what if we forget, are abroad, or only want them on at certain times of the day? Smart lighting is a convenient way to control the appearance of your home simply by using lighting. Via smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can control the lighting in your home- ensuring your house looks occupied.

Gadget #6- Fingerprint Safe:

In the worst-case scenario that your home defense system fails, what happens to your valuables? Investing in a safe is an effective way to protect personal property such as documents, jewelry, and heirlooms but even combination safes aren’t always the most secure and sometimes they can be cracked. Safes that use biometric fingerprints to unlock the door are a great smart gadget that will make your valuables accessible to you only and failing to remember your unique combination, there is a spare key that can open the safe.

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