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Simple Steps To Take To Remove A Drain Stopper

Your drain stopper is an important yet small piece of equipment. Depending on the style of the stopper it can be attached to your bath or sink via a chain or it can be incorporated into the appliance. In both cases its role is the same, to create a seal and prevent the water from flowing down the drain.

Naturally, if the stopper can’t be removed for any reason, then you won’t be able to empty the water out of the bath or sink. This can be extremely frustrating as it renders the appliance useless. Equally, the stopper may be stuck partially in the drain, preventing it from creating a proper seal.

In all cases, the easiest solution is to call your local and qualified plumber in Sydney. They have the tools and experience to remove the stopper straight away.

Types Of Stopper

If you’re going to remove the stopper yourself then it’s time you understood the different types of stoppers and how they can be removed.

Push or Pull

The push/pull stopper is joined to a small metal rod. This is attached to a second rod that runs vertically upward behind the sink or bath. It then extends out of the sink/bath next to the taps. Pushing the stick allows the stopper to drop into the drain, pulling on it pushes the stopper up and out of the drain. It’s simple and effective until a piece of the apparatus breaks and the stopper no longer wants to move.

To remove this type of stopper you’ll want to look under the appliance and find where the bar from the stopper connects to the vertical bar. Disconnect these two bars and slide the bar out of the stopper harness. You’ll then be able to lift the stopper up and out of the drain.

Toe Touch

Toe touch stoppers are designed to be operated with your toe. Pushing down on it closes the drain while pulling up opens it. The removal process is basically the same as for the push/pull stopper. Find the bar underneath that moves the stopper up and down and then remove it. You’ll then be able to lift the stopper out from inside the bath or sink.

Lift & Turn

The lift and turn style stopper uses two screws to hold it in place. This makes it more complicated. You’re going to need to remove the twist handle. That means locating the screw which can be built into the mechanism or simply holding the handle in position.

Start by holding the stopper in position as you turn the handle to feel the threads undoing or to make the small screw visible. You can then remove this but do so carefully, the screw is small and you don’t want to lose it. Once you have done this you should be able to lift the stopper enough to access the other screw and remove that end of the apparatus as well. Don’t forget, removing the stopper is only the first part of the puzzle. You also need to figure out why the stopper isn’t working properly before you refit it.

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